Today in APIs: Versium's Lifedata Platform API, Linkedin's New API Restrictions, and 11 New APIs

Versium's Lifedata Platform API opens over 300 billion behavioral consumer and business data attributes. Job Change Notifier Unlinks from Linkedin due to new API restrictions. Plus: Dropbox's Datastore API goes head to head with iCloud, Web Audio API arrives for Firefox, and 11 new APIs.

Versium's LifeData API Gives Access to Behavioral Data

"Every breath you take, every move you make, every step you take, I'll be watching you," as the Police song goes. Versium goes beyond that to create derivative predictive scores--scores that may be worth more than the score to Sting's hit song. Our own Michael Vizard last covered Versium in an April round up on APIs and big data.

The API is JSON or XML based RESTful. It will allow companies to use Versium's platform with its identity and profiling technology to create data-driven applications that possess greater intelligence.

Linkedin's New API Restriction Lays Off Job Change Notifier

Job Change Notifier, an app that allowed you to be notified via email when members of your Linkedin network changed jobs, is closing down  after Linkedin changed its API restrictions. Now, third party apps can only track user information for 60 days--unless the user re-certifies that the app can continue to do that. This will, in effect, destroy reliable tracking and notifying of job changes.

As Sarah Perez at Techcrunch reports, a lot of people found it useful: in the two years since inception, the service has sent out over 7 million emails, and tracked twice that many job changes.

There's something wrong here. We can intuit the reason for Linkedin's restriction: keep the user aware that they are being tracked, and get them to periodically re-verify that this is acceptable. In the age of endless revelations about tracking of just about everybody by both businesses and government, Linkedin's restriction seems like a tiny gesture against the tidal wave that is washing away every concept of privacy. It seems like a victory for the little guy and gal. And yet, one wonders what it means when something us little people think of as so damn useful gets wiped out. A nod to our freedom while a cool tool is destroyed.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a bulk sms service, a business information service, a british railway trip planner, a semantic analysis service, an email marketing service and a database of labels for app-coders. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

9jasms API: 9jasms is a bulk SMS service that is designed for resellers as well as direct users. Developers can use the 9jasms API to integrate bulk SMS services with their own websites and applications. 9jasms can also work with clients to develop white label SMS websites. For non-developers, 9jasms also makes apps that allow users to send bulk SMS from PCs or mobile devices. API: offers Belgian business information from official company records. Search their database by name or VAT number for information on over 700,000 companies from over 2 million publications or use their alert service to receive email notifications about changes in company information for customers, prospects, and suppliers. offers a simple REST API for Belgian business information. API methods include VAT validity, company status, company info, and geographic search. An API Key is required.

GB Rail InfoGB Rail Info API: GB Rail Info provides all optimal journeys between any pair of British railway stations for any specified date within the next seven days. GB Rail Info’s free API makes this data available through HTTP GET calls. Responses are JSON formatted.

Machine LinkingMachine Linking API: Machine Linking is a multilingual SaaS platform for performing semantic analysis of textual documents. Features include language detection, keyword and entity extraction, disambiguation and linking, concept tagging, and enrichment using Linked Open Data resources.

The Machine Linking API allows developers to connect unstructured documents in various languages to resources in the Linked Open Data cloud, such as DBPedia and Freebase. API methods include include language recognition, text annotation, text comparison, and text summarization. The service is provided as a standard REST API and responses are encoded in JSON.

MyBizMailerMyBizMailer API: MyBizMailer is an email marketing service designed for businesses of all sizes. It was made to allow marketers with little to no technical experience manage their email-based marketing strategies, sales, and promotional campaigns. MyBizMailer provides HTML email templates, custom sign-up forms, and free image hosting. Users can have emails sent to certain subscribers based on subscriber information. They can also create follow-up emails and automated triggers that will send emails without manual interference.

OpenLabelsOpenLabels API: OpenLabels is a free database of labels that app-makers can use instead of coding the same labels over and over. Examples of labels in the database include firstname, lastname, address, email address, user name, password, invalid password, etc. OpenLabels' database contents can be queried, updated, and downloaded using REST calls issued in HTML, XML, or JSON format.

RedLine13 Zip Code DistanceRedLine13 Zip Code Distance API: The Zip Code Distance API is a Web Service from RedLine13, the cloud load testing service. The API can calculate distance between zip codes, find all zip codes within a given radius, and convert zip codes to/from primary city names. The API supports HTTP GET calls and returns JSON, XML, or CSV formatted responses.

ScreenleapScreenleap API: Screenleap is a web-based service that enables users to share their computer screens with others. Shared screens can be viewed with a web browser from a PC, tablet, or smartphone. No account is needed to use the service. Screen share requests can be made by clicking a button on the Screenleap website or by using the Screenleap REST API.

SMSBOXSMSBOX API: SMSBOX provides an international, web-based SMS distribution platform with 852 operators in 212 countries. Users can create single or bulk messages using SMSBOX tools and send SMS via email client, mobile device, or even toolbar. Users can also rent a dedicated phone number to receive SMS, and they can send voice messages in the form of vocalized text, an uploaded audio file, or a recorded voice. The SMSBOX API can be integrated with other applications to enable them to send SMS.

TextibilityTextibility API: Textibility, from IdeaSynthesis, allows users to extract information from images and documents or generate images and documents from structured data, all through a RESTful API. Supported file formats include PNG, JPEG, GIF, and PDF.

The Freedom RegistryThe Freedom Registry API: The Freedom Registry is a free collaborative platform for anti-human trafficking groups. Organizations can register with the website to create profiles detailing their activities, and anyone can visit the website to view the collected information. The registry allows the anti-trafficking community to get a good overview of the services available and identify any gaps in victim services. The Freedom Registry provides a REST API for retrieving information stored with the registry.