Today in APIs: The Web Turns 25 Years Old, and 4 New APIs

On March 12, 1989, Tim Berners-Lee, World Wide Web Consortium ( W3C) founder, first proposed a system that would become the World Wide Web. Brivo Labs Announces SAM API. Plus, Crane announces VendMax API and 4 new APIs.

The World Wide Web Turns 25

Twenty-five years ago today, Tim Berners-Lee proposed a "universal linked information system." The system that Berners-Lee envisioned became the World Wide Web, a phenomenon unlike any other innovation the world has ever experienced. After the unparalleled growth of the Web, Berners-Lee believes that it remains a work in progress and that APIs sit at the heart of its future potential.

As the Web has transformed from a document-based Web to a programmable web, Berners-Lee explained the role of APIs:

"The W3C is producing all these make it a really full-fledged computing Platform. With access to the raw primitives, if the libraries [of prewritten higher-level software] don't give what you want, you can write it yourself. There will be millions of really interesting libraries people will be writing to provide features and functionality, to provide different ways of coding, and to provide different ways of doing application development."

As we look back in awe of the Web's twenty-five-year history, we wish it a happy birthday and look forward to the next twenty-five.

Brivo Labs Launches SAM API

ProgrammableWeb first learned about an upcoming API release from Brivo Labs last month. This week, at SXSW, Brivo officially launched the SAM API, which enables developers to enhance everyday experiences by altering interaction with physical spaces (e.g., offices, restaurants, arenas, and so forth). Brivo Labs designed the SAM API with the hope of it becoming the single sign for the physical world.

Brivo Labs General Manager Lee Odess commented:

“We are very excited to bring SAM to market and see what software developers will create in the Internet of Things space by incorporating services like identity, credentialing, and presence. For instance, we created an application using our API called Rändivoo Mobile.... SAM is the solution for Social Access Management and will be a game changer in how people interact with spaces and devices.”

APIs You Shouldn't Miss

4 New APIs

Today we had 4 new APIs added to our API directory including an email verification service, a personalized health care management service and a SOAP to JSON conversion service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Email YoYo VerificationEmail YoYo Verification API: The API service from Email YoYo is used to check and validate a email address in real-time and is integrated with your email capture application like a subscriber box or registration process. We are able to validate the email address all the way down to the user's mailbox level. You then can benefit by keeping fake emails, spammers, or incorrectly entered emails off your application lists.

Kaiser Permanente Interchange Kaiser Permanente Interchange API: Interchange enables internal and external developers to use approved public data from Kaiser Permanente to create individualized health care management apps. Using personalized health information, apps can be customized to cater to patient lifestyle, including nutrition and activity, to support total health.

Interchange is a free API. The global rate limit is 5,000 transactions a day per each API Key. With OAuth, the global Interchange API rate is 2 transactions per second and 200 per hour, per token. When Oauth is not needed, the rate is 1,000 transactions per hour per API Key.

Neurospeech SOAP to JSONNeurospeech SOAP to JSON API: This service can be used when the target Web Service is an XML SOAP web service and you need to invoke it with JSON format. It takes JSON input and converts it to XML SOAP request, and takes XML SOAP response and converts it back to JSON. JSON is more lightweight than SOAP, and is easier for mobile web apps to consume. In depth knowledge of REST API is also necessary.

Vizz MediaVizz Media API: Vizz Media is a mobile marketing service that offers bulk SMS solutions. It allows users to send bulk SMS to more than 10,000 people with one click. Vizz Media supports both two-way SMS and Flash SMS. Users can send single or bulk SMS directly through the website or programmatically via REST or SMPP API. The API also allows users to get delivery reports for their messages.