Today in APIs: Weemo Funding for US, Metwit's API for Push Weather Notifications, and 7 New APIs

French Video Startup Weemo raises $3 million to expand to US. Metwit Builds API for push weather notifications. Plus: Twitter extends API v1 life to June 11, new GEO APIs for Android, and 7 new APIs.

Oui, Oui, Weemo: The $3 Million French Invasion that Takes on Skype

Christine Farr at Venturebeat breaks the story of Weemo coming to the US to take on Microsoft's Skype, Avaya, and Cisco. As she notes, the startup's angle is to provide a product that can be integrated into other applications:

"Today, Weemo has raised $3 million investment from European private equity firm Idinvest Partners, bringing its total funding to $5 million. With the infusion of capital, [Founder Thomas ] Cottereau intends to expand to the U.S., and add more talent to the team so it can compete with established vendors."

You can see in the graphic above that a video chat is integrated into a variety of other applications, which is all possible via--as regular readers of Programmableweb will have already guessed--APIs. The Javascript and REST APIs are available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, with full Stack clients for Windows, Mac and iOS.

Tiny company takes on giants. We have seen this conversation before. Who will succeed? That's a hard call to make.

Metwit's API for Push Weather Notifications

What's the point of having a push weather notification telling you that it started raining outside? Just look out the window! Those who take this seemingly common sense view could be missing out on a lot--Metwit is on to something big.

As Metwit tells it, their Push Notification API opens up a world of applications, including receiving a call or text when it is raining at home or snowing at the ski slope, and posting a job on Taskrabbit for snow shoveling once you learn your driveway is about to be covered. Documentation is available. Metwit crowdsources its weather data, ans makes it possible for users to send as well as receive weather reports.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

7 New APIs

Today we had 7 new APIs added to our API directory including a video game customization service, an online ocr service, a multi-asset trading service, a 3d model fabrication service and an office goods catalog data service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

GameBananaGameBanana API: Game Banana is a pc game customization community where users share code, learn programming tips and tricks, and participate in the development of new video game technologies. The Game Banana API uses REST calls and allows users to access Game Banana data about active projects, users, forums, and associated posts.

PixodromPixodrom API: Pixodrom is a real-time image (captcha) to text decoding service that utilizes human workers from around the world. The Pixodrom API allows users to upload images(CAPTCHAs), set parameters, receive the decoded image(CAPTCHA) value, retrieve the status of the image(CAPTCHA) as well as several account related functions an queries. The service has an average efficiency of 90% and uses REST calls. The site is primarily in Russian.

SaxoBank DirectSaxoBank Direct API: SaxoBank A/S is a licensed Danish Bank that enables institutional clients to trade multiple asset classes on the same Platform. The site offers extensive information on the trading technologies and platforms provided as well as a live API pricing demo that allows users to place trades in different strategies and determine the API related cost. The API allows users to trade FX, Commodities, indicies, CFDs, CFD DMA, stocks, and futures. An account is required with service. The API operates over VPN and uses SSL or IPsec for security.

SculpteoSculpteo API: Sculpteo is an online 3D printing service. Users upload a 3D printed model and Sculpteo ships a 3D object. Sculpteo supports files from most 3D modeling softwares and keeps shapes, colors, and textures as designed. Objects are available in a variety of materials.
The Sculpteo API provides developer access to Sculpteo functionality through HTTP POST calls. Supported processes include uploading files and ordering designs. Responses and progress tracking are JSON formatted.

StaplesStaples API: Staples is an international office products company. The Staples API is a RESTful Web Service exposing catalog functionality from Exposed resources include product data and product category details. Responses may be JSON or XML formatted.

Stremor Liquid HeliumStremor Liquid Helium API: Stremor is a language heuristics technology company focusing on content storage, discovery, consumption, and participation for mobile users. Liquid Helium is Stremor's language heuristics engine that analyzes and interprets written content so that it can be manipulated and used in web connected devices.

The Liquid Helium APIs are a suite that include the following APIs:

Search Results – Returns summaries of pages, author’s social media links, information about the outlinks of a page, and keywords from the URL.

Automated Summary and Abstract Generator – Generates instant 350 character (+/- 10%) summaries of long content from text or URLs. Summaries are returned as highly readable paragraphs with complete sentences for the best end- User Experience.

RSS Summary – Allows for batch processing of an entire RSS Feed (up to 30 items). Each item will be fetched from the URL in the feed, summarized and returned as an RSS 2.0 feed.

Content Extractor – Extracts the HTML for the main content of any page on the internet. The API strips away headers, footers, navigation, comments, and other unwanted debris, providing only the core content.

TaggPicTaggPic API: TaggPic is an automated photo tagging web application that adds geolocation data and tags to photographs. TaggPic uses crowd-fueled computer vision technology to recognize landmarks, buildings and other objects in images without needing GPS data.