Today In APIs: WhatsApp and Craigslist in legal battles, Apigee Data Center API and 16 New APIs

A Github project that provides a WhatsApp API gets pulled down. Craigslist and 3Taps in a legal battle. Apigee wants to be the plumbing layer for Data Centers. Plus: ServiceStack helps developers create REST APIs in .NET, what customers and partners are doing with the SureVoIP VoIP API, and 16 new APIs.

WhatsApp threatens legal action against API developers

It has not been the easiest of times for WhatsApp lately. While the service is growing in popularity, it has also had to deal with several security vulnerabilities of late. A Github project, WhatsAPI faces possible legal action if they do not close down a project that build an API that allows you to interact directly with the WhatsApp Service, thereby allowing external applications to use their network. The developers have currently made the sources unavailable.

Craigslist's fight to control data

Craigslist legal fight to retain control over its data is not going to end anytime soon. PadMapper, an apartment finding service and 3Taps that provides the API to tap into Craiglist had been served with legal notices. A report says that 3Taps has filed a counterclaim accusing Craigslist of trying to retain its control. We definitely would have loved to see an API from Craigslist rather than a courtroom drama.

Apigee Builds new API Management Service for Data Center

Apigee OAuthApigee sees a future where the data centers will be more programmable. The new networked environments are now being controlled more by software than physical switches, routers and controllers. To manage these Software Defined Networking environment, Apigee has built an API Layer that will build, manage and scale applications for these environments. Check out Sam Ramji's paper on the topic.

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16 New APIs

Today we had 16 new APIs added to our API directory including a taiwan tourism data, a mailing list management system, a business data processing and app development Platform, a cloud hosting solutions, a hebrew bulk sms service, an enterprise it monitoring platform, a personality testing score retrieval serviceand a customizable file and information exchange service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Access TaiwanAccess Taiwan API: Access Taiwan aims to use open data and a unified protocol to make the treasures of Taiwan more accessible. The Access Taiwan API provides developer access to Taiwan tourism and travel data through a free RESTful interface.

Altairis PaleHorseAltairis PaleHorse API: Altairis, also known as Altair Communications, is a Czech IT company. PaleHorse is their mailing list management system. It allows users to retrieve information about a mailing list, add or remove subscribers, determine whether someone is a subscriber, send a message to a mailing list, and so on. These functions are accessible programmatically using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

Although PaleHorse and its Documentation are provided in English, the Altairis website itself is offered exclusively in Czech.

AlteryxAlteryx API: Alteryx is a platform for business data processing. It is intended for enterprise to have a desktop-to-cloud solution for analyzing a variety of data sets. The desktop is a data management platform that provides data importation and database functions for strategic analysis. Alteryx also provides app building tools and cloud services to enable enterprise to share their information processing widely. The Alteryx API exposes the cloud services’ functionality. These include sharing data-sharing and app deployment. It also exposes Integration functionalities.

Atlantic.Net Cloud ServersAtlantic.Net Cloud Servers API: Atlantic.Net provides cloud hosting solutions, including cloud servers, colocation, and virtualization hosting. The Atlantic.Net Cloud Servers API provides customers with a RESTful query-based Interface to access their Atlantic.Net services.

Cellcom SmsGateCellcom SmsGate API: Cellcom SmsGate provides a direct SMS Service that enables organizations and business entities to send messages in bulk to the cell phones of their employees and customers. This service is available through a browser interface, or it can be accessed programmatically as a SOAP API. The Cellcom SmsGate website and the API documentation are provided solely in Hebrew.

CirconusCirconus API: Circonus is a performance monitoring solution. It bridges an understanding between the business and IT realms of enterprise. Circonus comes in three different products, designed for variously sized businesses. The ready-for-cloud solution offers scalable data storage and monitoring for small to medium sized businesses. The other two products are sized for large enterprises such as government and telecom agencies. These products offer large-scale data control and a service delivery platform, respectively. The Circonus API exposes the data management functionality for all three products. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON or XML-encoded data.

CPP Score RequestCPP Score Request API: CPP is a company that offers personality and personal strength tests for the business world. Although best known for their Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment, CPP also provides the Strong Interest Inventory®, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), Fundamental Interpersonal Relations OrientationTM (FIRO®), and California Psychological Inventory™ (CPI™).

Users' scores from the various tests can be retrieved programmatically using a SOAP API. This service returns the requested scores as a PDF (base64 encoded).

GHNS Desktop Exchange ServiceGHNS Desktop Exchange Service API: Get Hot New Stuff (GHNS) is a site that allows users to create data files, share them with others, provide evaluation, and download files for installation. Its various implementations carry different names. The Desktop Exchange Service (DXS) permits the upload and download of very customized information. For instance, an upload call would include a data file, its preview, and its meta-information in one file. A download list request could be generated based on parameters such as time of last modification, popularity, data type, and more.

The DXS is accessible programmatically using a SOAP API. Although DXS is now part of Hotstuff, its WSDL Endpoint still appears functional.

MonitiveMonitive API: Monitive provides a dedicated website and services uptime monitoring service. Monitive includes a RESTful API allowing customers to retrieve any account information. Monitive also provides an API testboard, allowing customers to manually test all API calls.

Ninja BlocksNinja Blocks API: Ninja Blocks provides a platform allowing developers to build web and mobile apps that interact with hardware. The Ninja Blocks API provides a RESTful interface for developers to interact with the platform, implemented as JSON over HTTP.

OLI-itOLI-it API: OLI-it allows users to post messages online to make general or specific requests for information, goods, or services. Other logged-in users may then reply to the posted messages. All queries are publicly visible. OLI-it provides a collection of SOAP-based APIs that enable users to access the website's functions programmatically.

The website is offered primarily in German, though parts of it (not including API documentation) are available in English and Spanish as well. Most of the queries have been written in German.

Progressive SuperCREWSProgressive SuperCREWS API: Progressive Casualty Insurance Company provides information comparing the rates of other major insurance companies to its own. The SuperCREWS API provides programmatic access to this information in a string or in ticker format. Users can input criteria such as age, gender, marital status, state of residence, and type of car and then receive their unique insurance rate comparison information. This service is accessible using SOAP calls and returns information in XML format.

SDSS Cone SearchSDSS Cone Search API: The Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) is a project dedicated to mapping the universe. Over eight years of operations, it has obtained deep, multi-color images covering over a quarter of the sky and created 3-dimensional maps containing more than 930,000 galaxies and more than 120,000 quasars.

SDSS provides a SOAP API that enables users to perform a cone search of the night sky. A cone search is a (relatively) simple request for astronomical information, retrieving whatever is available for a given position in the sky and a given radius about that position. Users must describe the area of sky on which they want information in terms of RA (right-ascension), DEC (declination), and SR (search radius). API: creates marketing tools to help businesses grow by engaging their audience. The API provides a RESTful interface for customers to automate processes including managing subscriptions, managing email and SMS campaigns, analyzing results, and gauging ROI.

SIPmlySIPmly API: SIPmly provides inbound and outbound VoIP phone service built around a control panel that allows customers to search, provision, and route phone numbers instantaneously. The SIPmly RESTful API allows users to remotely access the SIP origination and termination services and incorporate them into websites, mobile applications, and advanced telephony equipment.

Vines CloudVines Cloud API: Vines Cloud allows developers to connect mobile apps of all types through real-time messaging. The Vines Cloud REST API exposes Vine Cloud’s features for developers, including messaging, user management, and data storage.