Today In APIs: Wireless Registry Launches Open Proximal API

The Wireless Registry has announced the world’s first free and open proximal API. offers industry first automated and instant “buy now” private jet prices with the help of an API. Plus, why it matters that Netflix closed its API.

The Wireless Registry Announces Open Proximal API

The Wireless Registry, a global registry for wireless names and identifiers, has launched the first free and open proximal API. The API enables app developers to deliver content or trigger actions based on wireless signal detection. The API is available to developers worldwide. The API will allow mobile apps to interact with the billions of wireless signals around the world.


Patrick Parodi, The Wireless Registry co-founder and CEO, commented:

Today we're working with several developers who are using our open source API, and we're already seeing the impact that access to the Proximal API is having for apps across a wide variety of industries.

The potential use cases for the Proximal API range from Polling and advertising, to emergency response. While the API offers enhanced level of targeting, The Wireless Registry has built in privacy measures and the signal owner always has first say in how the signal is used. For more information, visit the partner site. Opens API for “Buy Now” Private Jet Prices, private jet booking Platform, has implemented a new API that allows the platform to provide automated and instant “buy now” options for private jets. Prior to such an offering, booking private jets was heavily reliant on human interaction in at least one step of the quoting and booking process. The API Integration streamlines the entire process from end to end (similar to the many commercial booking platforms available).


Adam Twidell, PrivateFly CEO, commented:

“This new functionality is a hugely exciting breakthrough and represents a significant step change in technology; at a crucial recovery period for the industry. PrivateFly already offers our customers the fastest response in the market, but we can now eliminate the time lag entirely between a flight enquiry and a confirmed price. Similar integrations are already in development with other industry software providers and aircraft operators.”

PrivateFly already offered some automation in the individual quoting and booking stages. The API integration bridges the gap between the two steps, and provides a single, cohesive process. To learn more, visit

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