Today in APIs: Wit Updates its Voice API, and 7 New APIs

Voice command company Wit updates its API. LoginRadius raises money, lowers login frustration. Richland Library's Discovery Service API, caching Encyclopedia of Life calls, and 7 new APIs.

Wit Voice API Updated

We last covered the Wit speech API on our blog back in July. But that was a text to JSON API. Now the company has issued an update with a speech to JSON API.

The use case in this graphic may not be entirely appropriate; as most parents know, babies do a great job of sounding the alarm when they are hungry all by themselves, no app needed. But Wit and its API are nonetheless powerful for both developers and users. Think of it as adding Siri to your app.

As the company demonstrates on its blog,

From now on, your app, device or even your website can stream audio to our server, and get actionable data in return.... Wit combines various state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing techniques and several speech recognition engines in order to achieve low latency and high robustness to both surrounding noise and paraphrastic variations.

The company claims you can be up and running in just a few minutes through its home page. That's something to shout about.

LoginRadius raises $1.3 Million, Helps Millions Login with API

LoginRadiusLoginRadius, is the company you never heard of but use every day. They make it possible for you to log in to websites through Facebook, Google, and over 30 social media sites, avoiding the mess of a zillion user names and passwords as seen in their graphic:

We last covered the company and their API in June. With basic subscriptions at $12/ month and heavy users migrating to the premium $99/month subscription (for 100,000 users), it's easy to see why a venture capital firm would be attracted to its monetization model.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

7 New APIs

Today we had 7 new APIs added to our API directory including an order and delivery service, a swedish computer festival event information service, a free ip lookup service and a rap culture social network. Below are more details on each of these new APIs. API: provides a database of restaurants, fast food establishments, dry cleaners, and liquor stores that provide delivery options. Users can search locally for places that provide delivery, place an order, and pay online. The API provides developers with the tools to integrate the search and ordering functions into third-party applications. The Delivery APIs allows users to search for local restaurants, liquor stores, and laundries that offer delivery and pickup then make purchases through the checkout API.

Dreamhack Crew CornerDreamhack Crew Corner API: DreamHack is possibly the world's largest computer festival. Happening twice a year, the Swedish festival includes digital art and gaming competitions, concerts, and other events.
The DreamHack Crew Corner API exposes festival data, including schedules and photographs. The API includes public endpoints as well as endpoints available only to the festival's volunteer crew.

IPv4IPv4 API: is a free IP Lookup service for non-commercial use. provides a public free REST API for doing a lot of Geotargeting or IP Address Lookups through multiple response formats. It supports multiple formats, include json, XML, csv, plain, png. And It supports multiple languages.

Juice In Da CityJuice In Da City API: Juice In Da City is a social site celebrating urban rap culture, hosting videos, photos, radio, and event tickets. The Juice In Da City API exposes the Platform's user base, providing developer access to user data describing associates, messages, notifications, photos, and profiles.

Mercado-BitcoinMercado-Bitcoin API: Mercado-Bitcoin is an Argentine bitcoin exchange that provides trade quotes in pesos and bitcoin. The Mercado-Bitcoin API allows users to make calls to get the Last Trade, last average price, mtgox price listings, fiat currency exchange rates, and other data. The API uses REST calls and can return XML, JSON, and CSV. An account is required with service.

RankCrewRankCrew API: RankCrew is a manual link building service providing SEO products for new and established sites. The RankCrew API allows customers to programmatically place a variety of service orders, request quotes, and retrieve account balance information.

ReciPalReciPal API: Recipal provides cloud-based services for food businesses, including nutrition analysis, nutrition fact labels, ingredient lists, recipe costing, and recipe management. The Recipal API provides a RESTful interface for managing the site's ingredient and recipe databases.