Today in APIs: Withings API, and 4 New APIs

Blood and oxygen monitoring is available on the newly-released Pulse O2 from Withings. AgeCheq helps API providers comply with child privacy laws. Plus: MEVU's Bitcoin Wallet makes paying a real gesture, Enterprise Document Viewer's New API, and 4 new APIs.

Withings Launches the Pulse O2 with Blood, Oxygen Monitoring Available with API

Withings has updated its successful Pulse activity tacker with the Pulse O2 that can measure blood oxygen levels. Other watches can measure heart rate. But the Pulse O2's blood oxygen measure is useful for everyone from altitude trainers to those with asthma.

As Darrel Etherington writes in Techcrunch, the device has a lot designed into it, from calories burned to elevation, distance, and the ability to read vertically if the device is mounted. As he notes,

Pulse O2 also features sleep pattern monitoring, and works with Withings’ own health app, syncing data about your day and health wirelessly with your device over Bluetooth 4.0 for review either in the app or in a web-based dashboard. It also works with other apps that use Withings’ API.

According to Withing's developer site, the API gives access to health data generated across all its products, including weight, body fat, lean mass, blood pressure, as well as those mentioned above. The API is free and uses OAuth Authentication.

Withings has pursued an interesting strategy with the Pulse O2 of delivering a few health features well—including things like keeping track of your running history—eschewing a device that replicates a smartphones versatility and is aimed at all audiences. Another interesting feature is it doesn't have to be a watch; you don't have to have it on a wristband. Will it win out in the war over your wrist? As rumors of Apple's own device lurk in the background, with Samsung having built a wrist computer, all we can say is, watch this space!

AgeCheq Helps API providers, App Builders Comply with Child Privacy Law

AgeCheq specializes in helping developers comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Now it has opened its service to mobile-ad networks and API providers to make it easier to comply with COPPA. Integrating the service into apps and APIs is free.

While it is possible to develop COPPA compliant infrastructure in-house, in addition to being costly, it also frustrates the parents, who then must follow slightly different procedures of each app provider to give their ID and manage the parental controls. AgeCheq streamlines all that—making it easy to integrate compliance technology in existing apps in less than a day, while giving parents the same look and feel experience across all APIs and apps using AgeCheq.

As Roy Smith, AgeCheq's CEO commented, apps use different ad networks and third party offerings that make accurate privacy disclosure as required by the law all but impossible. By serving as a privacy clearinghouse, ageCheq can deliver all this information of what is in an app directly to the parents. As he states further,

Beyond complying with the law, ad networks and API providers need to make it easy for their customers to provide accurate privacy disclosures. Without a service like AgeCheq, each app developer would have to call up each of the ad networks he uses one at a time to gather this information manually to insure compliance with COPPA. Using AgeCheq as a central clearinghouse of this information helps third parties save resources and avoid support calls from every developer who is going to need this info.

AgeCheq provides four essential items seamlessly: gets the positive ID of the parents, records the parent app approvals, provides app disclosure pages, and offers a parental dashboard for management. With fines for noncompliance with COPPA as high as $16,000 per user, AgeCheq has made it easy to play along by offering a rich set of features while removing just one thing: the excuse not to comply.

Free sign up for developers is available on its developer site.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

4 New APIs

Today we had 4 new APIs added to our API directory including a voice messaging service, a multi-device app directory, a survey results retrieval service and an intraday period bars for currency pairs service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Call2APICall2API API: Call2API allows users to integrate voice messaging capabilities into their contact platforms. An online editor helps users quickly build call flows and voice messages using pre-defined components. Users can send a voice broadcast in the form of a template, personalized for its recipients. Voice broadcast reports are available through the website or via API calls.

Mevvy AppMevvy App API: Mevvy provides a single location from which users can search for any mobile application or tool available on Android, iOS, or Windows Phone. Their directory only includes tools that actually work, and they provide tips and tricks to help users get the best results from them. The Mevvy App API allows users to collect, track, and update information for every application available through Mevvy.

Qualaroo ReportingQualaroo Reporting API: Qualaroo is a service that helps users collect information about their websites' visitors. Users can create surveys for their websites and then retrieve the results programmatically using the Qualaroo Reporting API. In addition to responses, the API will also return the respondent's IP address, the page where they filled out the survey, their user agent, and other metadata, along with any information the user has previously tagged the respondent with.

Xignite GetBarsXignite GetBars API: The Xignite GetBars API allows users to retrieve intraday period bars for a given currency pair. Intraday period bars provide a visual representation of financial data that has been sampled at regularl intervals throughout a given day. For each day, the API returns the highest, lowest, opening, closing, and average currency exchange rate quotes. Currency pair data is available for the past 30 days.