Today in APIs: Xignite Forex and Gold Prices APIs, Qualcomm IoE Connection Manager, and 8 New APIs

Xignite aims to reset industry standards with cloud-based APIs for precious metals and forex markets. Qualcomm Announces API for the Internet of Everything, and 8 new APIs.

Xignite Announces Cloud-Based Global Metals and Global Currencies APIs

Xignite, market data cloud service provider, has announced two new APIs: XigniteGlobalMetals and XigniteGlobalCurrencies. The XigniteGlobalMetals API provides access to historical and real time data for precious metals and gold prices. The XigniteGlobalCurrecnies API provides access to historical and real time data for the forex markets. NTR Metals, precious metals refining company, has already adopted the XigniteGlobalMetals API and explained:

“We have integrated the Xignite market data into every facet of our business….We show real time metals prices on our website and enable our customers to lock in spot metals and gold prices for their scrap metal sales - all based on the Xignite data.”

Xignite founder and CEO, Stephane Dubois, explained:

“We have become the de-facto market data standard in the forex and precious metal markets as hundreds of firms use our APIs to power their business today….Our new cloud-based forex and precious metals APIs completely reset the standard in the industry by providing better data and increased performance to our customers. As more of our customers now run their own apps in the cloud, it makes both business and technical sense for them to obtain their mission critical market data from the cloud.”

Qualcomm Announces IoE Connection Manager and Corresponding API

Qualcomm has announced the Internet of Everything Connection Manager API (IoE CM API). The API grants access to a cellular modem’s capabilities and streamlines application development. Qualcomm VP of Product Management, Nakul Duggal, commented:

"Cellular modems are being designed into more and more of the devices and appliances we interact with daily. As the range and number of connected devices in the Internet of Everything expands, so too does the need for application developers to access the connectivity functions those chips provide."

APIs You Shouldn’t Miss

8 New APIs

Today we had 8 new APIs added to our API directory including a geographical information and location service, a u.s. business information and Resource Platform, a marketing campaign management service, a federal travel expense reimbursement rates information service and an online project management platform. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AfriGISAfriGIS API: AfriGIS is a provider of geographical information systems solutions and location-based services in South Africa. AfriGIS’ business is built on the development of data-rich geographical information which is used in a number of AfriGIS products and solutions.

AfriGIS offers a number of open APIs that allow developers to add rich geographic features and services to their applications. Services include static maps, auto complete search, drop down search, locate a phone, and locate a Branch. An API Key is required.

BusinessUSA Resource AccessBusinessUSA Resource Access API: BusinessUSA is a centralized platform provided by the U.S. government to help businesses connect to the information and services they need. It is in the process of expanding to encompass the full range of business programs and services that are currently only available across many different sites. The Resource Access API provides developers with programmatic access to abstracts for BusinessUSA resources that include articles, tools, data, events, and more. API: is a marketing campaign launch and management tool that allows its clients to leverage and build upon current consumer relationships. technologies allow clients to collect real-time and historical user data from social networks and websites, set up and manage campaigns from a client dashboard, and to quickly deploy campaigns from a microsite content generator. offers access to data from the management platform via a RESTful API. API methods include client, campaign, rewards, promotions, activities and users. An API key is required.

GSA Per DiemGSA Per Diem API: The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) provides the Per Diem API, which allows users to retrieve the reimbursement rates for hotel and meal expenses for federal travelers. The rates are set each fiscal year, and many other U.S. businesses and organizations adopt these rates as well. The GSA provides developers with programmatic access to rate information via REST API.

MavenlinkMavenlink API: Mavenlink is an online project management platform enabling users to collaborate, track tasks, manage time, work within a budge, send invoices, and much more. The Mavenlink API provides programmatic access to the majority of Mavenlink’s data model. The API allows applications to create and manipulate projects, posts, tasks, time entries, expenses, invoices, and more.

SynnefoSynnefo API: Synnefo is an open source IaaS cloud platform that separates the traditional cluster management layer and the cloud layer. This design approach leads to a layered architecture which aims to boosts production readiness, maintainability and upgradability.

Synnefo offers a REST API for programmatic access to Synnefo virtual resources. Use the API to execute the same actions you would perform from the Synnefo web User Interface. Federal Agency Federal Agency Directory API: provides the RESTful Federal Agency Directory API, which gives developers access to a directory of federal agencies in both English and Spanish. The information provided through this API has been gathered from the U.S. Government Manual and from independent staff research. The API allows users to retrieve all of the information or just a certain subset of it. Mobile App Mobile App Gallery API:'s Mobile App Gallery API provides developers with programmatic access to information on government agencies' mobile applications in both English and Spanish. This information comes from the Mobile Apps Gallery and Aplicaciones móviles, which provide information on apps for a variety of platforms. Information is retrievable via REST calls issued in JSON or JSONP.