Today in APIs: Yahoo Adds Geo Services to BOSS, 2012 Election Hackathon and 9 New APIs

Yahoo gives BOSS developers geo services by rolling PlaceFinder and PlaceSpotter into the new BOSS Geo. The Washington Post announces an upcoming hackathon for the 2012 Presidential Election. Plus: The Gates Foundation hosts their own hackathon, Google Analytics now offers iOS6 support and 9 new APIs.

Yahoo to charge for PlaceFinder and PlaceMaker, roll APIs into BOSS

Yahoo has announced that they are rolling their popular PlaceFinder and PlaceSpotter services into BOSS, Yahoo's open search and data services Platform. Now called BOSS Geo, the platform now offers geo services to BOSS developers giving them the opportunity to have their apps pull up location relevant information like maps or addresses.

PlaceFinder is a geocoding service that helps developers convert addresses into a latitude/longitude as well as reverse geocoding. The service is already being used by many popular applications. Foursqurae uses it to power check-ins.

PlaceSpotter lets developers add location awareness to their content. With the API, developers can pass in free-form text and identify the places mentioned throughout the text and return identifiers for each along with information about how often the place was found within the text and where it was found.

2012 Election Hackathon

With six weeks to go until Election Day, interest in the upcoming Presidential Election will be at a peak. Now the Washington Post is organizing a hackathon to give developers a chance to build apps that provide new insights into the election.

Organized by The Washington Post in participation with NPR and Sunlight Foundation, the hackathon will take place from Saturday, October 6th to Sunday October 7th. Developers will be asked to use data from The Washington Post, NPR, and Sunlight Labs API's, along with sources such as Govtrack, Data.Gov and others. Categories will include best overall app, best data visualization and best mashup.

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9 New APIs

Today we had 9 new APIs added to our API directory including a korean auction service, healthcare data exchange standard, fuel surcharge data service, digital content promotion services, wholesale power news and data service, japanese wifi-based device location service, danish auction site, artist estore fulfillment service, uk people search service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

eBay Korea Auction SuggesteBay Korea Auction Suggest API: eBay Korea is a South Korean auction website. It provides the Auction Suggest API to enable users to retrieve suggested keywords to use in the site's product search. Keywords can be retrieved for books, brands, tickets, categories, or even just in general. This service uses SOAP calls issued in XML format.

FHIRFHIR API: Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is an HL7 International interoperability standard for healthcare data exchange, specifying the semantics, structure, encoding and transport aspects of the exchange. The API covers the basic elements of healthcare - patients, admissions, diagnostic reports, medications and problem lists - with their typical participants and also support a range of richer and more complex clinical models. The simple direct definitions of the resources are based on thorough requirements gathering, formal analysis and extensive cross-mapping to other relevant standards. API: A collaboration between the shipping and trucking industries, Fuel Surcharge is a site that allows users to accurately calculate the fuel surcharge rate for a load based on the daily fuel prices along a route. Fuel Surcharge provides shippers and carriers with accurate fuel prices on over 5,500 truck stops that are updated every 24 hours and specific to the route that a load is actually traveling. API lets users connect to the site's fule surcharge applications and input trips to receive a full set of fuel surcharge data. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

HIP Digital DMEHIP Digital DME API: HIP Digital is an online marketer specializing in digital content promotions. HIP Digital licenses content and then delivers solutions that integrate the content into various promotions. These promotions include loyalty programs, sweepstakes, and customer retention plans. The Digital Media Engine (DME) API gives users access to HIP Digital's catalog of content for use in their own websites. Functionality includes full catalog search and browse, access to playlists, secure downloads, recommendations and more. Public Documentation is not available.

Montel OnlineMontel Online API: Montel is an independent news and data provider for the wholesale power sector and related commodities markets. Montel provides price-driving news, real-time data and technical analysis. In addition to the latest news, Montel also maintains an archive of over 60,000 news stories. An API is available that lets users access all of the site's real-time and historical market data. Public documenation for the API is not available.

PlaceEnginePlaceEngine API: The service interacts with client software on a mobile device to sense presence of wifi networks and determine the device's physical location within Japan based on that access. The local client retrieves listings of wifi networks currently available to the device and submits the information to the server, which returns a location suggested by that combination of network access. The service maintains a database of locations and wifi access profiles which users can update to increase its accuracy over time.

API methods log device characteristics and wifi access as reported by the installed client and return matching location, with estimated accuracy within 5-100 feet, depending on the density of wifi access points and other variables. Methods also allow device reports to update the database of locations and wifi access points available there.

QXL RicardoQXL Ricardo API: QXL is a Danish online auction site. It is the Danish brand of the Tradus company, operating a similar business to eBay. The QXL Ricardo APIs give developers access to the ecommerce platform's functionality. This functionality includes retrieving site configurations, categories, listing fees, promotional fees, state and payment conditions and configuration values for offers. Users can upload auctions, fixed price articles and classifieds and can download and manage articles from the MySelling section. The API uses SOAP calls and responses are formatted in XML.

TheconneXtionTheconneXtion API: The ConneXtion is a merchandise fulfillment service for both digital and physical media. For artists, The ConneXtion can build, manage and maintain a eStore showcasing an artist's cds and merchandise. They also handle digital distribution, soundscan, merchandise manufacturing and ticket sales. An API is offered that lets The ConneXtion handle order fulfillment while leaving customer service to the artist. Upon signup, users are provided with detailed API documentation and Sample Code snippets.

TracesmartTracesmart API: The service provides people search capabilities for subjects in England and Wales within the U.K. One Function provides access to records of county courts to discover monetary judgments imposed on individuals. Another helps with identity checks for applications like employment applications and financial transactions for compliance with provisions to prevent money laundering.

API methods support searches against court records for judgments entered, with matches against known aliases and fuzzy name matching. Methods also support Customer Due Diligence (CDD) checks to verify identity claimed, including verification against lists of people under sanction and deceased people, as required for compliance with anti-money laundering guidelines.