Today in APIs: Youphoric Launches SMS API, and 12 New APIs

Youphoric API sends and receives SMS in apps. API workshop in Seoul South Korea, April 7-11. Plus: four ways to service-orient APIs, and 12 new APIs.

Youphoric's SMS API Allows SMS Integration

The Youphoric SMS API provides messages in nine different formats (see icons on the left side of the graphic below). These are, in order left to right, subscriptions, promos, trivias, notifications, customer service, info on demand, Polling, coupon subscription, and coupon pull. Push messages are sent via REST calls. The Youphoric API joins 344 APIs related to SMS in our API directory.

The Youphoric SMS API documentation has an interesting split: some of it is intended for developers, of course. But it's also aimed at people who aren't developers who need to use the API in an App. The non developer steps are boiled down to five: register, choose a service template, add content, test, launch. Developer steps are greater in number not because of difficulty but because there's more choice and power for those who know how to code.

Workshop on Web APIs and RESTful Design in Seoul, South Korea, April 7-11 2014

The fifth annual Web and RESTful design workshop in Seoul South Korea is open for registration. There's also a call for papers.

The focus is on three questions: How can we dynamically integrate Web APIs? How do we create intelligent clients for them? And how can we cope with the explosion in growth and diversity? There's also a list of topics in the call-for-papers section, which according to a twitter Feed on that page is already seeing papers being submitted. Pressing topics include intelligent and generic Web API clients, dynamic interactions between APIs, and hypermedia-driven solutions. The deadline for paper submission is tomorrow, January 14.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

12 New APIs

Today we had 12 new APIs added to our API directory including an m2m application infrastructure service, an a/b testing Platform for mobile apps, a church management system, a san jose open data service and a dogecoin Blockchain information service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AT&T M2XAT&T M2X API: AT&T's M2X provides data storage and device provisioning services to help people build M2M (machine-to-machine) applications. Developers can connect their devices using AT&T's reliable, secure worldwide network. From the M2X Developer Portal, users can centrally manage their data sources and notifications as well as find tutorials, client libraries, and Documentation for the M2X REST API.

BestlyBestly API: Bestly is an A/B testing platform for native mobile applications that aims to make testing new app variations easy. The service enables users to easily make data-backed decisions about about application variations with confidence.

The Bestly REST API allows developers to start A/B testing anywhere. API resources include Experiments, which buckets a user into a variation based on specified weights, and Trails, which starts and completes a trial for a specified experiment and uuid. All data is sent and received as JSON and an API Key is required.

ChurchAppChurchApp API: ChurchApp is a cloud-based church management system designed for churches of all sizes and denominations in the UK. The service provides modules for handling contacts, children, small groups, donations, volunteers, calendar events, attendance, and other administrative tasks. Many, though not all, of these modules can be accessed programmatically via REST API.

City of San JoseCity of San Jose API: The City of San Jose API provides direct developer access to data published on the City of San Jose Open Data Site. The RESTful API accesses more than 180 data resources spanning categories such as budget, demographics, finance, housing, and much more.

DogeChainDogeChain API: DogeChain is the official blockchain for Dogecoin, a form of cryptocurrency. The DogeChain API allows developers to retrieve much of the information available on the website via REST calls. For a given address, user's can retrieve validity, amounts sent or received, public key hashes, and version prefixes. Users can also retrieve the current block number, the last solved block's difficulty, the transactions for the last blocks, statistics about difficulty and network power, and the total amount of currency ever mined.

Doomworld idGames Archive PublicDoomworld idGames Archive Public API: Doomworld is a website dedicated to Doom, a classic sci-fi horror first-person shooter. It hosts the idGames Archive, which serves as a Front-end to the public Doom file archive hosted by The Archive is read-only and contains more than 15,000 Doom mods and WADs (i.e. package files containing sprites, levels, and/or game data). The Public API allows users to access the contents of the idGames database programmatically via REST calls.

FluTrackFluTrack API: FluTrack monitors English-language tweets around the world in real time for mentions of influenza symptoms, with updates occurring every 20 minutes. Users can retrieve data from FluTrack via JSON API, which sorts tweets by date and time, flu symptoms, and aggravation of the patient’s clinical condition. Users may also limit the number of tweets returned by the API.

How's My SSL?How's My SSL? API: How's My SSL is a site that users can visit and or submit web addresses to to verify the strength of the users SSL or TSL. The How's My SSL API uses REST calls and returns JSON and allows users to test clients without a browser experience. The API s free to use, no account is required and the source information is available on Github.

OneLook Dictionary SearchOneLook Dictionary Search API: OneLook Dictionary Search is a search engine for word and phrase definitions. The site has indexed almost 19 million words from more than one thousand free dictionary web sites. The OneLook Dictionary Search API provides a simple Endpoint for retrieving XML formatted results. The API delivers quick definitions and links to definitions from external dictionary sites.

SITA iTravelSITA iTravel API: SITA provides global information and telecommunication solutions for the air transit industry. The SITA iTravel API is a Web Service that provides developer access to air travel shopping, booking, check-in, loyalty, baggage tracking, and flight and airline information. The API also accesses other value-added information such as intelligence on customer behavior and value.

TykliTykli API: Tykli is a data search and data organization service that uses Semantic Web and Big Data technologies to provide solutions for information retrieval and knowledge management. Tykli's proprietary graph analysis algorithm analyzes and processes relationships among data, providing a new data order with concepts indexing and semantic network generation.

Tykli service are available via a REST API. API methods include Term, Categories, Linked, Connected, Related, and Search. An API key is required.

Wikipedia2CartoonWikipedia2Cartoon API: Wikipedia2Cartoon is a free film generator that allows users to create movies convert webpages and wikipedia articles into cartoon talk shows. The files have smaller file sizes; an hour-long high quality cartoon only will only be several megabytes. The Wikipedia2Cartoon API uses REST calls and allows users to submit webpages through a URL to turn them into cartoons. An account is required with service.