Today in APIs: YouTube Caption Translation, LinkedIn OAuth 2.0, and 8 New APIs

YouTube has integrated with Gengo and to allow seamless caption translation. The LinkedIn API has moved to OAuth 2.0. Plus: StackMob launches enterprise API marketplace, Rackspace open sources PHP SDK for OpenCloud, and 8 new APIs.

YouTube Reveals Translation Integration

All across the world people enjoy recording video and posting to YouTube. Thanks to a recent integration with Gengo and, translating captions on videos is now a lot easier for users. This integration will allow publishers to get estimates on translation turnaround and cost. Finalization and payment of orders still needs to be done on the vendor side. Keep an eye out for more vendors to be added in the future.

The LinkedIn API Moves to OAuth 2.0

LinkedInDevelopers have complained about the complexity of implementation with OAuth 1.0 for years. LinkedIn recognized this and has now made the jump to version 2.0, stating that they believe this incarnation is now “sufficiently mature.” Below is a list of benefits that LinkedIn recognizes in this transition:

  • Simplified authorization without the added overhead of the traditional OAuth 1.0a "dance," greatly reducing complexity
  • Easier ability to request member permissions when authorizing. Gone are the days of struggling with OAuth libraries that can't properly pass scope parameters
  • Removal of the requirement to generate complex signatures with SSL

API News You Shouldn't Miss

8 New APIs

Today we had 8 new APIs added to our API directory including a real-time flight information service, a german geolocation services, an irish job search and recruitment service, an affiliate program management service, a cheap flight and hotel search service and a plagiarism detection service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Flight Explorer FastTrackFlight Explorer FastTrack API: The Flight Explorer FastTrack web services provide registered customers with flight information such as origin, destination, departure time, estimated arrival time, and more. They also offer a great deal of real-time information that includes aircraft status, local airport weather conditions, and images showing a flight's current location. These services are available via API so that developers can integrate real-time flight data into their applications, websites, or commercial products. API: provides geolocation services that allow users to locate IP addresses, retrieve location information based on a postal code, and search for a store location in a given area or worldwide. These services are available directly through a web interface or programmatically using SOAP-based APIs. All information retrieved via API comes with titles and corresponding standardized codes so that users can process the information more easily.

The website is provided primarily in German. A limited portion of the site is also translated into English, but this does not include the API Documentation. API: is an Irish job site designed to make recruitment easier for employers. Recruiters can advertise jobs located in Ireland as well as jobs located abroad. The API can be used to create, update, retrieve, and search for jobs on the website. It can also be used to retrieve other information from the site, or even to submit applications. This API uses SOAP calls issued in XML format.

LinkTrustLinkTrust API: LinkTrust provides tools that allow users to manage their own affiliate programs in-house using a customizable software Platform which can cater to a limitless number of affiliates. LinkTrust offers a slew of reporting services, many of which operate in real-time. These run the gamut from high-level overviews to detailed records of all transactions. Information from reports can also be accessed using LinkTrust's APIs, which operate over SOAP calls issued in XML format.

MomondoMomondo API: is a travel site that helps users find cheap flights, hotels, and car rentals. Visitors input their desired destinations, and Momondo then searches hundreds of sites for the best prices, returning results within seconds. Momondo is not a travel agency, so they don’t charge any booking fees. Developers can access the site's services programmatically by using Momondo's SOAP-based API.

PlagSpotterPlagSpotter API: The service provides online reviews for duplicate content in search engine results. It either conducts ad hoc checks or regularly monitors for appearance of text matching a sample provided or text found at a specified URL. It aims to allow web publishers to verify the originality of their own content and to detect unauthorized copying by others.

API methods allow submission of text sample for a duplicate content check. The sample text can be either a string submitted with the request, a file, or a URL. Methods access content at the URL or in the file and search to determine whether it is found in results provided by leading search engines. Returned data provide URLs for any matching sources and the percentage duplication found.

Sri Lanka Postal CodesSri Lanka Postal Codes API: The service provides postal code lookup for locations within Sri Lanka. It returns either the correct postal code for a specified location or the location corresponding to a known postal code. It can also list postal areas near a specified postal code.

API methods support submission of an area name to retrieve the postal codes included there. Methods also support submission of a known postal code to retrieve information about the location, including area name, official district, and latitude/longitude location.

WhoSampledWhoSampled API: WhoSampled is a website community for discovering music, samples of music, and music remixes. Users can search for music by songs and artists.

The WhoSampled API by Echonest allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of WhoSampled with other applications. Some example API methods include looking up songs and artists, retrieving information, and searching by song ID.