Today in APIs: YouTube Music Videos, Flight Data and 17 New APIs

A music service is making it even easier to discover music videos by integrating with the YouTube API. A flight data company upgraded its FlightStats API. Plus: Github Integration in a collaborative code editor, a "photo hunt" mashup and 17 new APIs.

Discover More Music on YouTube With Seevl

Seevl, the Ireland based data and music loving company, just released some new features that will make finding and accessing data about music videos and artists on YouTube easier. Below is a list of the updates-

  • Single tabs now have artist biographies and relevant data grouped and accessible when you watch a video.
  • Search results now have background information such as label, genre, or instruments.
  • Seevl now uses WebIntents to communicate and post things to Twitter.
  • Improved pagnation between videos
  • Users can now add artists to favorites

Some updates are still in progress, according to Co-founder of Seevl Alexandre Passant. Meaning these updates are only a few compared to the complete list that is to come shortly.

Flight Knowledge With FlightStats

FlightStatsThe FlightStats Flex API allows developers to track flights in almost real-time, follow flights that are already underway, build map-based tracking, query flight schedules and availability, and supplement this data with concise airport information. This functionality covers approximately 99.5% of U.S flights and above 80% of commercial flights worldwide.  According to FlightStats, “the new Flex APIs were developed in response to customer feedback from the developers of leading travel applications,” meaning this API should include all the functionality desired by developers. Currently, FlightStats is only available on Android and Ipad mobile devices. Development for Iphone and Blackberry is up to developers utilizing the API.

Squad Update Includes Git Integration and Free Plan

Squad released an update including a re-vamped look, Git integration, and a Free Plan. The biggest and most noticeable upgrade is the addition of the Simple Git Integration, allowing developers to access their Git repositiories via SSH and do Git operations in the new Simple Git Squad window.  Currently Simple Git Supports the Following.

The New Free plan is a direct result of the Git integration. Before the Integration there wasn’t much of a functionality difference between the free and paid plans. However, now there is. The free plan does not support Git integration or DropBox connectivity; in order to access that functionality users must pay a monthly fee.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

17 New APIs

Today we had 17 new APIs added to our API directory including an SMS service provider, calendar service, local tour guide service, cover song reference, online music service, campaign finance data and CAPTCHA sweatshop blocker. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

7-Eleven Election7-Eleven Election API: 7-Election by 7-Eleven is a Presidential poll where 7-Eleven customers vote on their favorite candidate by choosing either a blue coffee cup, Obama, or red coffee cup, Romney.

The results of these coffee cup sales are open through the 7-Eleven Election API and pre-made widgets. Developers can access and integrate this data with other applications and to create new applications. Documentation comes with registration.

Allied WalletAllied Wallet API: Allied Wallet provides global e-commerce merchant services and payment processing solutions. Allied Wallet’s series of APIs allow customers to automate online payment processing, process transactions, and more.

Arts HollandArts Holland API: Arts Holland is a consortium of Dutch cultural organizations dedicated to developing tools to guide tourists through Holland’s art landscape. The Arts Holland API, available in a RESTful interface, is described as a digital Container in which a range of data on tourism and culture in the Netherlands is collected.

Bulletin MessengerBulletin Messenger API: is a developer and supplier of product and service for messaging (SMS Text, IM, MMS and email) between mobile devices and web applications. The Bulletin Messenger API is a simple RESTful SMS API allowing developers to send SMS messages to their application users. The API functionality includes Microsoft Outlook integration, support for global shortcoding and multiple user admin tools for companies. It also envelops worldwide coverage and pricing rates that depend upon international location.

CurbwiseCurbwise API: Curbwise is a service of, a collection of interactive projects from the Omaha World-Herald and Curbwise provides real estate information and data to the Omaha area, including sales statistics and valuations. Billed as The World’s Least Advanced API, the Curbwise API responds to any latitude and longitude within their geographic range with the neighborhood name and some basic descriptive stats.

EMS Master CalendarEMS Master Calendar API: The service provides online access to a shared, centralized event calendar allowing individuals and groups to coordinate activities. Each listing gives date, time, and location, along with details describing the event and directions. The service can be configured to provide additional information, as desired.

API methods support listing of event bookings with details about venue and room needs and amenities, room setup options, and availability of facilities. Methods also support reserving specific venues and payment processing.

FriendpasteFriendpaste API: Friendpaste is a fast service that enables users to copy and paste a code snippet, recipe, or anything else and give the link to their friends. This allows information to be easily and quickly shared without the need for file creation, uploads, or e-mail accounts. Friendpaste's functions are accessible programmatically using RESTful calls in JSON format.

Helsinkikanava Open DataHelsinkikanava Open Data API: The Helsinkikanava Open Data API provides open and free-to-use access to the Helsinki city council meeting video recordings and associated metadata. The data is primarily targeted towards developers who wish to embed or include the recordings in their own applications. All resources are accessible using RESTful calls in JSON or JSONP.

LocalGuidingLocalGuiding API: LocalGuiding is a service that allows tourists to book travel excursions offered by local tour guides. LocalGuiding offers travel bookings with local guides for numerous cities around the world.

The LocalGuiding API allows developers to access and integrate LocalGuiding's tour and guide data with other applications. Example API methods include searching tours, booking tours, and confirming orders. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should email for more information.

New Dawn JustWareNew Dawn JustWare API: The service provides information tracking and sharing resources for police and other criminal justice agencies as well as courts, corrections departments, state data repositories. and related institutions. It provides for workflows and business rules needed to manage cases across steps in complex processes while monitoring and reporting status. A network of certified developers is available for secure handling of legally sensitive and security-conscious applications.

API methods support secure access to application logic, processing of system updates based on predefined business rules, and web-based interactions with related systems.

PayChoice Payment GatewayPayChoice Payment Gateway API: PayChoice is an Australian payment gateway service which allows merchants to process credit card and direct debit payments from their customers with or without a merchant bank account.

The PayChoice Payment Gateway API allows developers to access and integrate the PayChoice functionality with other applications and websites. Some example API methods include testing credit cards, processing payments, and managing account information.

Project KenaiProject Kenai API: Project Kenai is Sun Microsystem's connected developer destination where developers can host open source projects and code, as well as connect, communicate, and collaborate with like-minded developers. Users may set up a profile, start or join projects, discuss projects on forums, host their code, post downloadable project files, and more.

Project Kenai's functions and resources are accessible programmatically using RESTful calls in JSON or JSONP.

SecondHandSongsSecondHandSongs API: SecondHandSongs (SHS) is a reference database for original artists and cover artists of songs. It was designed to settle the question of who performed the original version of a particular song and who covered it. SHS tries to be as complete as possible (including not only the performer and song title, but also songwriters and original releases) and orders the data in a reusable and maintainable way. The SecondHandSongs API offers programmatic methods for searching the database of performances and works, as well as for retrieving information on artists, performances, releases, and more. API: is an online music magazine that is created and curated by music bloggers on the web. allows users to search and discover music from blogs and music sites to hear new music and see what the music trends on the web are.

The API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include retrieving lists of tracks and tracks, retrieving blogs, searching, and accessing artist information.

Washington Post Campaign FinanceWashington Post Campaign Finance API: The Washington Post Campaign Finance API is a collection of resources that represent a fraction of what is available from the Federal Election Commission financial data. The API will eventually represent all of what the FEC has.

The FEC data is thorough, but is presented in a hard format to use. The API functionality is designed to alleviate that issue for the developer by abstracting the tougher data. This allows developers to build applications quickly instead of sifting through FEC data.

Washington Post White House VisitorsWashington Post White House Visitors API: The Washington Post White House Visitors API has stored White House visits since January of 2009. Currently, The Post has more than 2.2 million loged visits with more being added quarterly. The Washington Post White House Visitors API expresses RESTful API calls and responses formatted in JSON.

XortifyXortify API: Xortify was developed in response to attack on the XOOPS Platform by rogue malicious bots, as well as CAPTCHA and spam sweat shops where individuals are paid less than 1 USD per day to set up accounts for bots to spam websites by typing past CAPTCHA puzzles. The Xortify client stops close to 99% of spam and CAPTCHA attacks. It does so by maintaining a local ban list of bad IP addresses. Users must sign up for Xortify to access this service, but they don't need to use Xortify's software to maintain or add bans to the Framework. Xortify's functions are accessible programmatically via RESTful and SOAP-based APIs.