Today in APIs: Zend Launches Apigility, Incomm's Digital Enterprise API, and 12 New APIs

Zend's Apigility launches open source project Apigility for APIs. The prepaid product company Incomm enhances API to create more gifting functionality. Plus:Facebook expands API program for international broadcasters, and 12 new APIs.

Zend Launches Apigility for Creating High Quality APIs

Zend, the PHP company whose main product is Zend Server for creating applications in PHP, is announcing its creation of Apigility to meet the challenges of building API-centric architectures.

In the announcement, Zend notes that the Platform, which runs on Zend Server, improves four key tasks: Error Handling, validation, content negotiation and Versioning:

"Developers can create an API and wire in any number of the nuts-and-bolts services that Apigility provides. This automates some decisions, making the coding process easier and less cumbersome."

For access, go here.

The Dope on Incomm's Enterprise API: It's the Gift of Simplicity

How difficult is it for retailers and third parties to set up gifting and prepayment transactions for customers? A lot easier now that Incomm has launched its Digital Enterprise API.

According to Incomm, the API is RESTful with responses in JSON and XML:

"Third-party distribution clients employing the Digital Enterprise API will find it gives them the flexibility to build their own programs while relying on the robust InComm Digital Solutions platform to handle the delivery and management of both digital and physical prepaid products. Additionally, the Enterprise API provides easy management of product assets, including brand logos, gift card images and terms and conditions."

Among the features, the API handles physical and digital delivery of prepaid products, creation of user accounts, supports real-time balance inquiry, and variable denominations, along with other features.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

12 New APIs

Today we had 12 new APIs added to our API directory including a sustainability tracking for colleges and universities, an integrated accounting service, an order management software, a search platform for developers and a professional network for physicians. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AASHE STARS API: STARS is a program of AASHE, the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. STARS, the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System, is a self-reporting Framework for colleges and universities in the United States or Canada to measure and track their sustainability performance.

The STARS API exposes three resources: Institutional metadata, reports, and the STARS technical manual. This is a REST API that currently only accepts GET requests.

AccountingSuiteAccountingSuite API: AccountingSuite integrates accounting, inventory, and order management into a single cloud application. The AccountingSuite API provides a RESTful interface for developers to integrate the AccountingSuite platform. Exposed objects include customers, items, cash sales, sales invoices, and cash receipts.

AlgoliaAlgolia API: Algolia is a search API designed to support developers in delivering great search experiences in apps and websites. Search features include design for mobile performance, customizable and comprehensive ranking, and the ability to search infinite attributes from a single search box.
The API allows applications to interact directly with the Algolia platform. Algolia is a REST API, all communication is over HTTPS.

DoximityDoximity API: Billed as the professional network for physicians, Doximity is a social platform that includes national directories of physicians and facilities, online services such as HIPAA-secure faxing and text messaging, clinical journals, honoraria opportunities, and more.

Developers can use the Doximity API to verify the identity of users against the Doximity medical database, use Doximity profiles for registrations, and access users’ colleague networks.

eOptin Authorize ConnecteOptin Authorize Connect API: eOptin is an end-to-end platform that authorizes secure connections between the cloud and any kind of electronic device or appliance. It also enables users to manage those connections securely from anywhere in the world. Users can connect with eOptin's authorization services from within their own application or device via the eOptin Authorize Connect API.

FindAAFindAA API: FindAA is an unofficial, searchable directory of Alcoholics Anonymous meeting information. FindAA provides developer access to this data through a SOAP API. The API supports a single call returning metadata for all meetings within a specified postal code. The API is available for non-commercial uses only. API: is an online community that allows people to enjoy music and video content together in a real-time socially interactive environment. Use to create parties with friends and peers from around the globe. Choose from a variety of unique avatars each with their own dance moves, and communicate with international party-goers using real-time chat translation. offers a JavaScript API that enables developers to write extensions. The API consists of functions that return various data as well as an event dispatching engine. API: is API-driven web software supporting content management within any type of website or app. The API allows developers to query and manipulate their content through a REST interface. The API supports predicate-based queries, and returns either JSON or HTML formatted responses.

Social Money CoreProSocial Money CorePro API: CorePro is a savings account core processing platform from Social Money, that allows prepaid card companies, merchants, PFM, payroll companies, and startups to integrate savings accounts into online and mobile solutions. The Platform is capable of accruing and paying interest, generating monthly electronic statements, and electronically submitting 1099s to the IRS.

The CorePro REST API allows customer applications to incorporate FDIC-insured saving accounts, including issuing accounts and initiating ACH transfers for users.

SquirroSquirro API: Squirro is a digital research and content curation service that scans multiple sources from internet and social media channels, private databases, and internal systems to find the most relevant information on a topic of interest. The information is then updated continuously and automatically. This living collection of content can then be saved, shared, and synthesized with friends and colleagues in a private workspace.

A REST API is offered for access to Squirro services. API entities include Filters, Fingerprints, Folders, Items, Preview, Signals, Subscriptions, Tasks, Temporal Signals, and Topics.

Threat StreamThreat Stream API: Threat Stream is a SaaS Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform designed for enterprise and government security operations. Threat Stream delivers a real-time stream of actionable intelligence. The Threat Stream API delivers developer access to that stream, either as a limited free offering, or as part of the Enterprise and Government products.

You Tracker Image ResizerYou Tracker Image Resizer API:’s Image Resizer API is a free Web Service allowing websites to resize images to a specified height and width. In addition to the ability to specify an image’s quality percentage, the API supports the options of preserving the aspect ratio and/or preventing enlargement.