Today In APIs: Zendesk Radar API, AT&T Developer Summit and 20 New APIs

Zendesk announces Radar, a push notification Framework. AT&T Developer Summit 2013 invites developers to hack on AT&T APIs. Plus: Some great advice on what developers want from API Providers,  Twilio is hiring engineers at a rate of 20 per quarter, and 20 new APIs.

Zendesk debuts real-time push notification framework

Customer support software provider Zendesk has announced Radar, a real-time push notification framework to enable Integration of messages into any application. The Radar framework is open-source and consists of a server side application and API, powered by Node.js. Using the API, developers can receive various notifications from multiple applications (example: live presence, data modification) and then push it to other applications.

AT&T Developer Summit 2013

AT&T kicks off 2013 with its Developer Summit to be held on Jan 5-7 in Las Vegas. The event includes the conference and a Hackathon. The Hackathon includes presentations on various AT&T APIs and you can form teams onsite. Register by November 15 to get $50 off the ticket price.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

20 New APIs

Today we had 20 new APIs added to our API directory including a social analytics Platform, a sales intelligence alerts, a comparative information on public office candidates, a cloud software platform, a government domain URL shortener, an api and application development service, a digital promotions platform, a data analysis platform and a document and data manager. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

BottlenoseBottlenose API: Bottlenose is a live social intelligence platform. Bottlenose has features to analyze activity across all the major social networks. Users can use it to search, monitor, analyze, target, and engage audiences in real-time.

The Bottlenose API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Bottlenose with other applications and create new applications. Public Documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here:

DatanyzeDatanyze API: Datanyze provides sales intelligence alerts based on continuous examination of the web to determine which technologies are being used. The Datanyze API allows developers to integrate Datanyze information through a RESTful interface.

ElectioneeringElectioneering API: Electioneering is an open government service that provides comparative information on candidates for public office and their statements and stances. The Electioneering API provides developer access to Electioneering’s full list of candidates as well as candidate comparisons and the service’s internal colorization system.

Eurotech Everyware CloudEurotech Everyware Cloud API: Eurotech’s Everyware Cloud platform, built on the Everyware Software Framework, that connects distributed devices to business enterprise applications. The Eurotech Everyware Cloud API provides a RESTful interface for integrating applications into the platform. API: is a service allowing government employees to create short .gov URLs from official government domains. The API allows developers to automate the process, including URL generation, destination preview, and data collection.

HubifyHubify API: Hubify is a service that allows developers to create APIs from any website. Hubify also allows users to connect to other "hubs" of data and applications to help them build their own applications and APIs.

Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here:

IfeelgoodsIfeelgoods API: Ifeelgoods is a digital promotions platform, helping marketers engage and convert audiences through gift fulfillment rewards. The Ifeelgoods API allows marketers to integrate automated customer rewards into third party systems.

LyticsLytics API: Lytics is a data analysis platform for performing analytics on structured and unstructured data in one system in the cloud.

The Lytics API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Lytics with other applications and to create new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should email for more information. API: is a service that allows users to move documents and data across online applications through the cloud. Users can use Mover to change cloud-storage providers, back up website or files, and make sure documents and data are all in one place.

The API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of with other applications and create new applications. Some example API methods include managing accounts, creating and managing collections, and accessing and transferring files.

Mozilla PersonaMozilla Persona API: Mozilla Persona is an online identity service for websites and web applications. Users can set how they would like to login to websites and applications. Publishers can add Persona to their websites and applications.

The Mozilla Persona API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Persona with other applications and websites. The main API methods include logging in to websites and verifying identities.

OpenCNAMOpenCNAM API: OpenCNAM provides access to Caller ID information based on simple access to comprehensive data. The OpenCNAM REST API allows developers to integrate real-time queries into any application. Responses return data in a variety of formats.

RunSignUpRunSignUp API: RunSignUp is a service for runners and race directors, providing race website creation, runner registration support, and more. The RunSignUp API provides a RESTful interface for developers to integrate 3rd party applications and services such as timing, results, and participant management functions.

Scaled RecognitionScaled Recognition API: Scaled Recognition uses image recognition technology to convert textual data in image files to UTF-8 (documents, files, receipts), and also allows you to recognize the positioning of faces in a picture or, using Facebook, find the best profile photo of a person using a specified social graph. The service is designed to provide usable information about visual objects for SaaS and mobile developers.

The REST API uses GET (best profile picture) and POST (facial detection) methods to return information in JSON. Documentation hosted on Mashape also includes examples of response models for: Best Profile Photo Results, Face Detection Model, Match, Result, and Text Recognition Response.

SchemingMindSchemingMind API: SchemingMind is a correspondence chess playing website. After signing up, users can play games against the site's more than 600 active users from around the world. Correspondence games usually last for several weeks or months. While contemplating their next move, players are free to consult a book or try moves out on a chessboard at home. The only things players are asked not to refer to are chess-playing computer programs.

SchemingMind is a member organization of the British Federation for Correspondence Chess (BFCC), which represents England in the International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF). All full members of SchemingMind have the opportunity to participate in officially rated ICCF team events.

Developers can integrate SchemingMind with other applications using its API, which lets players retrieve their games and make moves in them.

SelfSurveysSelfSurveys API: SelfSurveys enables businesses to implement reliable, automated information-gathering surveys which can easily collect, analyze, and compare vital business data from any desktop computer, laptop, PDA, or PC Companion mobile device. SelfSurveys provides a full arsenal of intelligence-gathering support services that allow teams to make better business decisions faster than permitted using traditional research techniques.

All of SelfSurveys' functions can be accessed programmatically for integration with other applications using a SOAP-based API.

SellsBrothers ExcuseSellsBrothers Excuse API: SellsBrothers is the internet home of Chris Sells, Developer Tools at Telerik. SellsBrothers provides a number of services, including the Excuse API, which enables users to retrieve a random excuse via API. It was created by transcribing an Excuse Ball onto a spreadsheet and then making it accessible via SOAP API.

U.S. Energy Information AdministrationU.S. Energy Information Administration API: The U.S. Energy Information Administration provides developer access to their data with the goal of encouraging the creation of value-added services through the private, non-profit, and public sectors. The API uses RESTful architecture and returns JSON formatted data.

VentraIP WholesaleVentraIP Wholesale API: VentraIP is an Australian domain name provider and web-hosting service that also offers additional business services and a wholesale domain and hosting reseller program. The VentraIP Wholesale API allows wholesale resellers to automate interactions with their VentraIP account.

Voice Actions JeannieVoice Actions Jeannie API: Voice Actions Jeannie is an application for mobile and computers that enables voice controlled functions, such as voice dialing, setting alarms, and dictation by voice.

The Voice Actions Jeannie API allows developers to integrate the functionality of Voice Actions Jeannie with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include setting languages and managing account information.

Wired MarketingWired Marketing API: Wired Marketing is a UK based firm offering E-mail marketing support for Enterprises, including campaign management, consultative advice, and analytics. Wired’s Email Marketing API allows clients to integrate E-mail marketing applications into core software systems and applications.