Today in APIs:Moves API, API and 9 New APIs

Fitness Tracking Application Moves releases API. API aims to provide a single API to multiple Analytics Services. Plus:  SOA Software announces API Management for Windows Azure Cloud and 9 new APIs.

Moves Releases API to fuel Fitness Apps

Moves, a Fitness Tracking Application plans to steal the thunder from companies like Jawbone and Nike that provide fitness wearables. It believes that the key to adoption would be its newly announced API that will allow developers to use integrate the data into their applications. The mobile application currently tracks activities like walking, running, driving and routes that you have gone through. The API is available via the Developer Portal. The API uses OAuth 2.0 for authorization, is RESTful in nature with support for JSON data format and is currently rate limited at 2000 requests per hour. API Provides Unified Access to Analytics Providers, a Y Combinator backed startup is addressing the problem of mobile developers to work with multiple Analytics Services. It solves 3 key problems for mobile developers: the ability to use a unified API to talk to multiple Analytics Service Provider APIs, enabling / disabling any Integration without the need to republish the mobile apps and allows for integration with any new Analytics providers in the future. Currently, iOS and Android native libraries are available and developers can start integrating with the service with the free tier, which allows integration with some services.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

9 New APIs

Today we had 9 new APIs added to our API directory including an automated trading service, an email address verification service, an article database for biomedical and health researchers, a mood-based multimedia streaming service and a particle physics experimental data service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

CitiFXproCitiFXpro API: CitiFXpro is a forex trading service provided by Citibank. CitiFXpro provides account and trade access in real-time through the desktop software, a web interface, and a mobile service. The CitiFXpro API uses automated feeds for execution and a pricing model based on volume. The service uses an FIX protocol.

Emailtor Email VerificationEmailtor Email Verification API: Emailtor Email Verification is a completely web-based service for verifying email addresses down to the mailbox level. It cleans invalid emails from a list of any size which can then be downloaded for use. The service can also retrieve mail exchanger (MX) records, mail servers, and metrics for a given email address. Emailtor Email Verification provides a SOAP API that allows it to be easily integrated with other systems.

Europe PubMed CentralEurope PubMed Central API: Europe PubMed Central is a free database of full text research articles for biomedical and health researchers. The Europe PubMed Central REST API provides developer access to all publications and related information in the database. Access is supplied to 28 million abstracts, 2.6 million full text articles, crosslinks to other public biomolecular databases, reference lists from full text articles, citing articles, and terms that have been text mined from full text articles. Supported calls include article searches, database hit counts, retrieval of references, citations, and text mined terms, and more.

The API is available to all users and requires no Authentication. The database is also accessible via a SOAP API.

Getty Images MoodstreamGetty Images Moodstream API: Getty Images Moodstream was designed as a brainstorming tool to help give people new ideas by streaming an assortment of images, footage, and music. Users can customize the media that streams to them by selecting a preset mood or inputting a custom mood based on factors like happiness, energy level, seriousness, etc.

Moodboards are like multimedia playlists. Users can save their favorite images, songs, and footage from Moodstream to Moodboards to create highly-customized streams. The Moodstream API allows users to create, view, and edit Moodboards programmatically via SOAP calls.

GILDA beamlineGILDA beamline API: The GILDA Beamline, a collaborative Italian research project, is a general purpose beamline using a bending magnet source. It is mainly dedicated to the investigation of local structures.
The GILDA Beamline API provides methods for calculations in Synchrotron Radiation X-ray science and structural modelization. Currently supported methods include the calculation of absorption of an ion chamber of specified values, and the Bond Valence Method. This is a freely accessible API that requires no authentication. API: is a complete DNS hosting service that also does dynamic DNS for fully qualified domain names. It has high availability and is capable of doing failover, disaster recovery, and business continuity for applications. can monitor applications for availability and performance and alert the user in the event of service failure or degradation. is also capable of CDN offloading, geographical balancing, routing, and more. comes with a REST API that allows developers to manage their DNS services, such as adding or disabling domains and managing geohosts. More features are expected in future releases.

PushBotsPushBots API: PushBots is a scalable, reliable push service for sending notifications out to application users, including those who use iOS or Android devices. It can be linked to an app's Twitter account to push Tweets as messages. Messages can be sent out to specific groups of users based on factors such as their location or their interests. The service also provides real-time analytics for tracking and evaluating messages and campaigns. PushBots' functions are made accessible for integration via REST API.

University College Dublin BiowareUniversity College Dublin Bioware API: The University College Dublin hosts the Bioware server, which offers a collection of bioinformatics tools. These tools are designed for tasks such as discovering short linear motifs, characterizing peptides, and performing other such analyses of proteomics data. Three of these tools - PeptideLocator, SLiMPred, and Gopher - can be accessed programmatically via REST API.

The PeptideLocator service finds bioactive peptides in a given protein sequence. SLiMPred examines protein sequences to identify potential SLiMs (Shared Linear Motifs). Lastly, Gopher generates alignments of proteins that are orthologous (i.e. that fulfill similar roles in different species).

XivelyXively API: Xively is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for the Internet of Things, which refers to the virtual representations of real-world objects and the connections between them. The platform is designed to make it easier to connect devices, data, people, and places. To this end, it provides messaging, data archiving, provisioning, and directory services. These functions are all accessible programmatically through the Xively API.