Tokbox Adds Live Video Archiving, Announces Pricing

Tokbox, the provider of OpenTok Video Conferencing platform is marching forward in establishing itself as a premier video conferencing platform. Earlier this year, it had announced its decision to become a pure platform play and that move had paid dividends with more partners and users adopting it, as interest in video conferencing has grown. TokBox has now enhanced its Tokbox OpenTok API by providing video archiving and a clear monetization plan.

The OpenTok API already provides the ability for any website or service to embed video based communications. Archiving is an important and often needed feature of such services since it addresses the need for users to come back to your content and play it when they want it. The OpenTok Archiving API allows you to capture and play back live video conversations.

If you are already using the OpenTok API, you can get started with the archiving API documentation. The API is straightforward and has methods for creating, recording, publishing and playback of archives.  The Service is currently in Beta till end of fourth quarter 2011. During the beta period, developers have access to unlimited storage and playback, which is fantastic way for anyone to try out the service.

Tokbox continues to be a free platform and the monetization plan is around its archiving services, which is understandable since it involves storage of vast amounts of data and most importantly, streaming. The archiving service, once out of beta, will become a paid service. Pricing starts at a minimum of $30 per month and you need to pay storage and streaming. While the storage is flat at $10 per 5GB of data, the streaming plans range from $20 - $2000 a month, depending on number of viewable hours. Detailed information is available on the pricing page.

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