TokBox Brings WebRTC Video Conferencing to Firefox

The Opentok API solves a straightforward but complex problem: how do you get people videoconferncing over different devices and browsers on the web? Now it has arrived on Mozilla's Firefox browser. Real Time Communication on the Web (WebRTC) is increasingly the standard for doing that, and, according to TokBox CEO Ian Small in a press release,

"TokBox will continue to make it easy to take advantage of that standard across as many browsers as possible. The OpenTok Platform will extend the capabilities of basic WebRTC to help enterprises leverage face-to-face video for real-world applications as well as helping developers avoid the API fragmentation that has stymied other markets."

You can see a graphic representation of the browsers Opentok works with below.

Programmableweb's own Eric Carter and Garrett Wilkin previously covered the development of Opentok as an alternative to Skype and other services  here and here. As Carter notes, "Bridgestone Golf was the first company to deploy OpenTok on Web-RTC. Bridgestone uses the cross-platform solution to connect golf experts to over 1,000 retail kiosks through an iPad."

A powerful feature of Tokbox is the ability to customize the screen layout of the people you  are talking to. The Tokbox website graphic below shows arrangements on a phone and iPad.

Given how valuable the standard is, it's easy to understand why it's spreading like wildfire, now used on websites by 70,000 organizations, " including American Idol, Major League Baseball, Diet Coke, Ford, Doritos, and Double Robotics," in addition to Bridgestone.

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