TokBox Enhances OpenTok to Support Cross-Platform Two-Way Video

TokBox, leader in online video communications, enhanced its OpenTok Platform to support Web-RTC. Web-RTC support enables OpenTok to offer the first two way video between WebRTC-enabled browsers and iOS devices. TokBox CEO, Ian Small, described in a press release an industry-wide problem that OpenTok resolves:

"Live video communications is increasingly a mainstream service, but fragmentation of devices and browsers is causing problems for many developers. OpenTok is becoming the glue that interconnects all the elements so anyone adding face-to-face video to their service doesn’t need to worry about whether their users can connect; it will just work everywhere."

Over 50,000 organizations have utilized OpenTok for live, face-to-face online video (e.g. American Idol, Ford, Diet Coke, etc.). Bridgestone Golf was the first company to deploy OpenTok on Web-RTC. Bridgestone uses the cross-platform solution to connect golf experts to over 1,000 retail kiosks through an iPad. Dan Murphy, Bridgestone VP of Marketing, commented on the benefit OpenTok provides:

"Using OpenTok on WebRTC means our Kiosks offer a high quality engagement for our customers and consultants, which we were able to build and deploy rapidly."

In addition to Web-RTC support, TokBox added Android support to OpenTok. As browsers begin to support the open-sourced Web-RTC, and iOS and Android continue to dominate the mobile market; TokBox continues to move towards its ultimate goal of enabling face-to-face communications across all devices.

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