Tokpod Launches Click-to-Call API for Developers

Tokpod announced the launch of its new click to call API that enables developers to add a click-to-call button on their websites to help them convert website visitors to phone calls. With just a few lines of code and in less than 5 minutes, any business can place a simple click to call button on their web presence. Once a website visitors clicks the button, the phone call will start immediately right from the web browser. The service features a consumer-facing implementation of click-to-call concept. The API comes with a set of analytics to let developers and businesses track their website visitors and phone calls.

Tokpod is built by letsBrik, an entirely web-based B2C communication company. With the launch of Topkod, the company will surface its global VOIP infrastructure and direct carrier relationships into a simple, intuitive yet powerful set of VOIP communication related APIs.

"Letting customers or site visitors talk to a sales or support person with a single click of a button – without ever having to leave the website can be a powerful differentiator." Tokpod CTO, Tahir Jamil. "This is an entirely new feature that simply does not exist out there."

All modern web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera natively support Tokpod. No application or additional plug-ins are needed to enable the feature.

Tokpod targets businesses in a broad range of verticals including e-commerce, travel, education, technology, marketing & financial services.

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