TomTom Introduces New APIs for Electronic Vehicles

TomTom has introduced two new APIs specifically in response to the growth in the electronic vehicle market. The TomTom Long Distance EV Routing API enables users to determine a route from one location to another that includes more than one vehicle charge. The EV Charging Stations Availability API provides users with information about charging stations.

"The future of mobility is connected, shared, automated and definitely electric," Anders Truelsen, TomTom Managing Director, commented in a press release. "This electric revolution poses new challenges like range anxiety which require a new generation of location technology. TomTom offers developers the perfect toolkit to create innovative and useful location-based services for electric vehicle drivers that will help lift the proactive and psychological barriers to wide-scale EV adoption, helping to work towards a world free of emissions."

The Long Distance EV Routing API allows developers to build applications that enable users to plan optimized routes for electric vehicles, calculate the most energy-efficient routes, consider common parameters (e.g. acceleration, uphill efficiency, consumption model, etc.), and more. To utilize the API, the consumption model must be set, and at least one charging mode must be supplied. For more information, check out the API docs.

The EV Charging Stations API allows developers to build applications that locate compatible and available charging stations for electronic vehicles. Once integrated, end users can locate charging stations of all types, or filter to find only compatible charging sites. When the user indicates a route, the API will present compatible charging stations along the way. For routes that lack charging stations, the API includes options to show nearby charging stations. For more information, check out the API docs.

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