TomTom Updates Map Display API to Include Additional Topographical Detail

TomTom has announced impending updates to the company’s Map Display API that will enhance the appearance of the tool’s visual components through the addition of detailed natural feature information. This will include visual representation of forested areas, deserts, and snowy mountain peaks.

By adding these new topographical features to the API, TomTom is hoping to provide crucial contextual information that enables users to more easily place themselves in the landscape. The announcement stated that:

“Topography has a special, necessary place in the mapping world, as transportation almost always revolves around creating the best or fastest routes through various environments, such as dense forests in contrast with urban city centers.”

Screenshot of changes - Via TomTom

TomTom has also retooled the Platform to improve usability by adjusting the size of location labels to prioritize more prominent locations and improve readability. Additionally, the company updated color schemes for improved location recognition and improved the priority of places of interest in order to cut down on clutter. 

These updates will go live for developers utilizing vector tiles on May 6th and may require customers to manually update settings. Changes to raster tiles will happen automatically.

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