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Mike Pegg does a great job tracking the most interesting maps mashups over at his Google Maps Mania. Occasionally he also does a roundup of tools for creating or enhancing Google Maps. Follow this link to see his eighth roundup of these tools along with links to the previous seven roundups. Good mix of Google Maps-focused tools. ProgrammableWeb has a popular howto page that covers resources for a variety of APIs.

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There are some great tools out there now. Take a look at which is a tool that helps novice webmasters create Google Maps quickly and easily.

Great post. Thanks for the information and the links leading over to Mike Pegg and his Google Maps Mania. I'm especially interested in the Mapicurious that Pegg has introduced to me through his blog and of course, thanks to you for introducing me to it through yours. But I have a few questions about how it works because I'm still in the registration phase. How exactly does the system work? I did a little click through and it looks just like a regular Google map and you just put your own markers on them. Does that really seem like creating your map?? Also, can other people access these maps once you have created them or can you only send them and make them viewable to certain people? If they are viewable to other people does Google check for accuracy? Because if they don't I could see some serious implications of guilt in fraud cases for Google. How does Google help you through the process?

Hi Linen, glad to hear you found the post useful. Mike Pegg has done a great job at Google Maps Mania. As for Mapicurious, I don't have the answers to your questions, but I just looked at their site and see they have a support email address listed. I'd give that a try and see if they can answer this questions.



How is Mapicurios different with the geocoding tool for Google Maps? I was having a problem with converting distance units with the usual Google Maps. Will this problem be solved with Mapicurious?

I'm not sure how Mapcurious is different but do know that folks often rely on the Yahoo Geocoder for this sort of conversion.


Just saw this thread. The reason you register is the same reason you must register on Google - a secure way to protect your data entry. Most user created maps on the site are for public consumption, but I can help make your map private if you desire. I'm not sure about your accuracy/fraud questions, but this would probably apply to any information over the Internet. If you are having issues or questions with, please let me know by emailing me at the links on the site.


This is a great tools! it is usefull....