Top 10 API Articles of 2019 Based on Twitter Traffic

Twitter is a great place to see what's trending with developers. We rounded up the following tweets based on the articles that received the most clicks, retweets, and love by Twitter users. Topics varied during 2019, and popular tweets include articles about developer portals, top APIs in open data, AI, and Machine Learning, development tools and open banking, and more.

1. StubHub Announces New Developer Platform and APIs
StubHub announced the release of a handful of new APIs and an accompanying developer Platform, with the expressed aim of becoming the "events and tickets industry operating system." The new APIs handle everything from inventory management to market intelligence.


2. Best Practices: How to Engage Developers with a World-Class API Portal
One of the hottest topics among API providers has to do with how to best engage developers through a Developer Portal. In this special report, ProgrammableWeb has compiled a comprehensive list of features (based on real-world examples) that all developer portals should aspire to.


3. How Does Your API Security Stand Up Against the 3 Most Common Attacks?
By 2022, Gartner predicts that API abuses will become the most common type of web application attack resulting in a data breach. When you consider that the average organization manages as many as 363 APIs, it's no surprise that gaps in API security represent such a significant threat.


4. 14 Top Artificial Intelligence APIs
Though there are concerns about AI, it is probably the hottest trend in computer science at the moment. Developers looking to add intelligence to applications can check out the ProgrammableWeb Artificial Intelligence category for the best choices, including these fourteen very popular AI APIs.


5. What Makes the bunq API Today’s Best European Open Banking API
Screen Scraping has bridged the connection gap between banks and Fintech for decades, but banks are now starting to deprecate it because of PSD2. bunq has managed to build a growing community around its open API since 2017, and it serves as an example for other European banks striving to innovate.


6. The Tools You Need for Modern API Development
There is an expanding set of tools that help during every stage of the API lifecycle. So much so that it’s natural to be overwhelmed by the variety of API tooling available. This article takes a look at a number of tools, each of which can help modernize your API development process.


7. For Netflix Engineers, GraphQL Wins Over REST and Falcor
The streaming monolith's new data Integration system is now based on the data query and manipulation language. Netflix's content engineering group saw new improvements in team behavior and communications during testing, and this became the most important factor in this decision.


8. 10 Top Open Data APIs
Organizations provide Open Data to provide transparency, to enrich insights for researchers, and to enable developers to build useful civic, commercial and educational applications. The best place to find APIs for Open Data is in the ProgrammableWeb API directory. Here we present ten popular ones.


9. Three Approaches to API Design Your Digital Transformation Team Needs to Master
API design is often treated as a uniform set of generic steps, but this approach can lead to development rework down the road. Instead, APIs should be segregated into three layers to make sure their architecture will scale before a team chooses from among a set of API design approaches.


10. 12 Top Machine Learning APIs
Machine Learning ( ML) is a type of Artificial Intelligence in which the main principle is that computers can learn and make decisions without relying on human programming. ML APIs can be used to enhance applications with predictive functions and more. Here are some top ML APIs from ProgrammableWeb.

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