Top 10 APIs for Colors

Every designer knows the importance of color when creating art, and the significance color can portray for graphics, visualizations, brands, websites, applications, food, drinks, or any tangible product. Colors can influence emotion, sway thinking, increase (or decrease) appetite, affect energy consumption, strain or soothe the eyes, alter blood pressure, and captivate or repulse consumers.

Developers wanting to create or enhance applications with data about colors and color palettes should be on the lookout for suitable Colors APIs.

What is a Colors API?

A Colors API is an Application Programming Interface that developers can utilize to get data about colors and integrate it into their own applications.

The best place to locate these APIs is in the Colors category of the ProgrammableWeb API directory. In this article, we give details about the 10 most popular Colors APIs, as determined by web page visits on ProgrammableWeb.

1. Colormind

Colormind generates color schemes via deep learning technology. Colormind can provide color styles from photographs, movies, and popular art. The Colormind APITrack this API can return a random color palette, offer color suggestions with input, and show current color models. The API is free for personal use.

2. DeepAI Image Colorization API

DeepAI provides image and video recognition and intelligence services for application developers. The DeepAI Image Colorization APITrack this API returns JSON data of images that can turn black & white images into color images.

This DeepAI API turns the black and white original photo (left) into a colorized photo (right).

This DeepAI API turns the black and white original photo (left) into a colorized photo (right). Image: Pixabay/AnaDo82/DeepAI

3. Brandkey API

Brandkey APITrack this API enables users to retrieve information about brands including logos, banners, colors, website categorization, social media profiles, metadata and more. Developers can contact provider for API access and Documentation.

4. Imagga Color Extraction API

The Imagga Color Extraction APITrack this API enables applications to extract colors from photos and images that are uploaded or from image URLs. Also extract either foreground or background, extract specific colors only, and extract groups of colors.

5. API is an online service that allows users to search for images, colors, and color schemes. Users can edit colors and color schemes, tag them, and download them. Users can also search for similar colors and color schemes based off of other colors and color schemes. The APITrack this API allows users to retrieve colors and color schemes, see information about colors and color schemes, retrieve random color schemes, and add tags to colors and color schemes.

6. COLOURlovers API

COLOURlovers is a community website for color, palettes and color lovers. With the COLOURlovers API, developers can access almost 1 million named colors, also thousands of color palettes, color patterns, as well as data about users of the site and site statistics.


Screenshot: COLOURlovers

7. 254 Shades of Gray API

254 Shades of Gray APITrack this API returns XML or JSON objects for shades of gray. Developers can query all 254 shades of gray using the familiar and widespread OData query syntax. Retrieve shades of gray from 51 (Default Visual Studio MVC Template Text Gray, #333) to 60 (Gray Blue, #3C3C3C). Users can also "get the gray of the day" returned.

8. Microlink API

The Microlink APITrack this API converts links into information in order to enrich content, obtain palette colors, take screenshots, and more. The API detects the following information: author, date, description, image, logo, favicon, publisher, URL, and title.

9. Colorfy It API

Colorfy It is a web application for identifying CSS and color ID information from a website URL. The Colorfy It APITrack this API allows users to access information and functionality from Colorfy It. Current API methods include swatch discovery and CSS dependencies discovery.

10. TinEye MulticolorEngine API

The TinEye MulticolorEngine APITrack this API allows developers to make their image collections searchable by color. The API can extract color palettes from images, identify and search images by color, and support metadata searching. The MulticolorEngine can scale to serve image collections of any size and is optimized to work with e-commerce product photography.

MulticolorEngine API identifies colors in images

MulticolorEngine API identifies colors in images. Image: TinEye

To see more APIs, plus SDKs, Source Code Samples and other resoureces, check out the Colors category.

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