Top 10 APIs for Demographics

Demographics is analytical data about human population statistics, which can include age, gender, education, income, locale, nationality, religion, and ethnicity.

Developers may need demographic data for a number of reasons, including making applications for predicting shopping habits, determining healthcare options, creating public policy, discovering consumer trends, housing considerations, education considerations, city planning, sustainability, and many other potential reasons. In order to tap into this data, developers need to locate suitable demographics APIs.

What is a Demographics API?

A Demographics API is an Application Programming Interface that developers can utilize to retrieve data about human populations including location, education, nationality, religion, economics, and ethnicity, and use it to create or enhance applications.

Developers on the look out for such APIs should check out the Demographics category on ProgrammableWeb. In this article, we highlight the most popular APIs from that category, as determined by web page visits to ProgrammableWeb.

1. World API

World APITrack this API is an independent project that uses official demographic data produced by the United Nations to project individual life expectancy by date and place of birth. Determine world population rank, calculate life expectancy, retrieve population tables, and more with the API.

Get data about population, birthdays, life expectancy and more with this API

Get data about population, birthdays, life expectancy and more with this API. Image: World Data Lab

2. Facebook Graph API

The Facebook Graph APITrack this API provides searchable data about content on Facebook and the connections between them. This includes people, relationships with friends, shared content, comments, places, events, photos, groups pages, milestones, videos, live video, WhatsApp connections, and others.


Zip API USA provides a free way to look up city and state based on ZIP code. The Zip USA APITrack this API has additional data in regards to population, age and hospital information based on ZIP code. Hospital data returned includes hospital name, address, phone, geolocation, website, helipad access, population, number of beds. Also, developers can now use the hospital lookup information to help track the COVID-19 outbreak.

4. GreatSchools API

GreatSchools is a non-profit that provides school information and parenting resources to help families choose the right school, as well as support learning at home. The GreatSchools APITrack this API enables users to find nearby U.S. schools by zip code, city or full address. The API returns information about each school, including reviews from users or students' test scores in XML format.

5. Factual Geopulse Context API

Factual recently joined Foursquare to provide location based data and technology to developers and users. The Factual Geopulse APITrack this API provides point-based access to geographic area attributes. The user provides geocoordinates, or selects a point on a map, and factual provides business/demographic, and commercial information about the immediate geographic area. The search can return commercial density, commercial business profile, commercial/residential ratios, and population demographics like age, gender, race, education, median income, and other information.

6. Whitepages Pro Find Person API

Whitepages Pro provides APIs that return phone, email, people, address, and IP data. The WhitePages Pro Find Person APITrack this API identifies, enhances, and updates records from a data attribute. By using a RESTful GET API Request, developers receive every record related to a given name. A Find Person request allows to identify a single person and find details including demographics, location, and phones associated with that person.


SPENDiD is a financial application creation Platform that includes functions to generate demographic models, personalized budgets, plus financial health and lending scores. The SPENDiD APITrack this API enables developers to add automated budget creation and refinement functions to applications. SPENDiD API offers three methods: generate a spending behavioral model based on user demographics, generate a budget, and score a budget.


Screenshot: SPENDiD

8. World Bank Indicator

The World Bank Indicator APITrack this API returns indicator queries about population, gross national income, and energy use in JSON and XML formats. With the API, developers can create applications targeting countries in development with data about food security, climate change, and energy.

9. Nationalize API

The Nationalize APITrack this API enables applications to predict the nationality of a name. The API collects thousands to millions of entries of data from web sources from around the world to compile it's name prediction service. The API is useful for analytics, ad segmenting, demographic statistics, and the like.

10. WorldPop API

WorldPop offers peer-reviewed research and methods for the construction of open and high-resolution geo-spatial data. The WorldPop APITrack this API can display mapping populations, spatial demographics, and population dynamics in JSON format. This service is focused on low and middle-income countries.

Dozens more APIs, plus SDKs, Source Code Samples, and other resources are available in the Demographics category.

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