Top 10 APIs for ZIP Codes

A ZIP Code is a postal code that the U.S. Postal service relies on to help sort and deliver mail. ZIP is short for Zone Improvement Plan, and was implemented by the U.S. Postal Service in 1963, to help "zip" along mail delivery.

Developers who are producing shipping, eCommerce, or location-based services may find that determining ZIP codes and/or International postal codes is a crucial feature for a successful application. In order to accomplish this, developers would need a suitable ZIP Codes API.

What is a ZIP Codes API?

A ZIP Codes API enables developers to integrate applications with ZIP code look-up, or other ZIP code related data and functions.

The best place to find these APIs, and other postal code related APIs, is in the ZIP Codes category on ProgrammableWeb. In this article, we highlight the top 10 ZIP Codes APIs, based on page visits on the ProgrammableWeb website.

1. Zip API US

Zip API USA provides a free way to look up city and state based on ZIP code. The Zip USA APITrack this API has additional data in regards to population, age and hospital information based on ZIP code. Hospital data returned includes hospital name, address, phone, geolocation, naics description, website, helipad access, population, number of beds. Also, developers can now use the hospital lookup information to help track the COVID-19 outbreak.

2. Return ZIP Codes Inside Radius API

Pro Map Tools offers mapping and geospatial APIs. The Return ZIP Codes Inside Radius APITrack this API allows developers to integrate the Pro Map Restful Web Service into their applications, enabling users to search from a specified location and radius to return all USA ZIP codes found in the radius together with the distance from the centre location to each ZIP code.

3. USPS ZIP Code Lookup API

The USPS ZIP Code Lookup Web Tool APITrack this API allows developers to get the ZIP Code and ZIP Code + 4 corresponding to a given address, city, and state. This API can process up to five lookups per request.

4. Unlimited Criminal Checks Offender API

Unlimited Criminal Checks provides users with databases on criminal records across the U.S. Unlimited Criminal Checks Offender APITrack this API allows developers and marketers to query and retireve records from criminal courts, the Department of Corrections, sex offender registries, current and historic white pages (great for skip tracing) and reverse cellphone look-ups. The API returns offender information including ZIP codes.

5. Dutch Postcode API

Dutch Postcode is a RESTful APITrack this API that allows users to verify Dutch addresses, returning street name, municipality, province and GPS coordinates when a postcode is requested. The data is open government data from the Netherlands.

6. API

The ZipCodeAPITrack this API enables developers to integrate zipcode, distance, and location features into applications. JSON, XML, and CSV formats are supported. Project is part of RedLine13, a load testing company. Free to use up to 10 times per hour, or paid plans are available.

7. Interzoid Weather by ZIP Code API

The Interzoid Weather by Zip Code APITrack this API delivers current weather and temperature around the United States. Weather data can add local weather-based customization to consumer applications, business applications, and Web sites. Innovators can access weather conditions using live data from over 3,000 weather stations in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

8. Bing Maps Location Recognition API

When given latitude and longitude location coordinates, the Bing Maps Location Recognition APITrack this API returns a list of entities ranked by their proximity to that location. The URL response contains three components: local business entities near that location (e.g. restaurants, hotels, office buildings, transit stations, etc.), natural points of interest near that location (e.g. beaches, valleys, etc.), and a reverse geocoded address including postal codes, of that location.

9. apiBridge India Pincodes and Places API

The apiBridge India Pincodes and Places APITrack this API provides a simple JSON API to retrieve an up-to-date & accurate India Pincode dataset. API methods such as autocomplete and validation are available. A Postal Index Number (PIN) code is a six-digit code in the Indian postal code system used by India Post.

Get address, geocoordinates and more information from a Pincode with this API

Get address, geocoordinates and more information from a Pincode with this API. Image: apiBridge

10. Zipwise ZIP Code Web Services

The Zipwise ZIP Code Web Services API allows developers to submit standard Web API requests and receive XML or JSON responses back. Look up current ZIP code data or city data, perform radius searches, and find the distance between two locations. Includes US and Canada ZIP codes. Service levels range from free to unlimited.

Check out the ZIP Codes category for more than 50 APIs, 19 SDKs, and 26 Source Code samples.

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