Top 10 Cameras APIs

Cameras are everywhere. On buildings, on street intersections, inside stores, school hallways, and office corridors, at toll booths, all over the airport, on drones in the sky, on doorbells, in cribs, in the woods surveying nature, on trains, planes and automobiles, on police officers, on the heads of extreme athletes, in your child's hand, and most likely, pointed at your face right this moment, on whatever device you are using to read this article.

Camera technology has lured us in, and developers who want to take advantage of that can create all kinds of applications for cameras using Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs.

The best place to find these APIs is in the Cameras category on ProgrammableWeb. In this article, we highlight ten popular Cameras APIs, based on ProgrammableWeb site traffic. Highlights include APIs to operate spherical cameras, to remotely operate security cameras, and to monitor agriculture crops.

1. Unofficial GoPro API

The Unofficial GoPro APITrack this API allows developers to obtain camera parameters such as photo resolution, and battery status. Additionally, it can be used to control, livestream, or obtain data from a GoPro Wi-Fi enabled camera. This REST based API supports JSON for data exchange. This API is provided by developer Konrad Iturbe.

2. Angelcam API

Angelcam is a cloud-based service that allows users to access their security cameras remotely and share camera views with selected people. The Angelcam APITrack this API allows developers to connect with and manage their cameras, sensors, and smart security devices programmatically using RESTful calls.

3. Eagle Eye CameraManager API

Eagle Eye Networks provides web and cloud technologies to deploy analytics on one, or multiple, cameras. The Eagle Eye CameraManager REST APITrack this API allows users to build video surveillance products based on Eagle Eye technology. The CameraManager supports several platforms for web, Android and iOS, and provides a way to view real-time videos as well as listen to the camera's audio stream.

Here's the Eagle Eye Networks video surveillance Android application

Here's the Eagle Eye Networks video surveillance Android application. Image: Eagle Eye Networks

4. Sony Camera Remote API

The Sony Camera Remote APITrack this API allows developers to create applications that are able to control Sony cameras and/or access the images and content on the camera to perform specified actions on them, such as uploading them to an application. The Sony Camera Remote API can be used with numerous operating systems and platforms. Note: Updates and active support for Camera Remote API are no longer available. However, the API still functions as expected on its supported devices.

5. Google Open Spherical Camera API

The Google Open Spherical Camera APITrack this API enables users to control spherical cameras with built-in WiFi. This should allow any app developed on any Platform with this API to control a connected spherical camera that also implements this API. Google provides Documentation for the Open Spherical Camera Manufacturer Guide, which provides API implementation guidance to manufacturers of spherical cameras, and the Open Spherical Camera API Specification, which describes the proposed set of commands for cameras.

6. Stereolabs ZED API

Stereolabs ZED is a 3D Camera complete with depth sensing and motion tracking. ZED is used to capture large-scale 3D images of environments. The Stereolabs APITrack this API offers programmatic connection to the ZED 2K Stereo Camera. Stereolabs ZED features 6-Axis positional tracking, and gets position and orientation at up to 100Hz with millimeter accuracy. This API provides indirect access to Python, Unity and Robot Operating System (ROS) C++ SDKs.

Stereolabs API

Screenshot: Stereolabs


Ricoh THETA provides camera products to record 360° images and audio. The RICOH THETA APITrack this API conforms to the Open Spherical Camera API Version 2.0 (OSC) by Google. Wireless LAN is used for communication between a client and RICOH THETA, so the API can be used to control the device. The 360° spatial audio also allows users to record sound from all directions.

Action video samples from RICOH THETA - Video: YouTube/RICOH THETA

8. Neuromation API

Neuromation provides customized AI and Machine Learning solutions designed for enterprise. Neuromation supports AI-powered cameras, object detection and classification, medical imaging, industrial robots, and computer vision systems. The Neuro platform is a machine learning development tool enabling rapid model iteration. This indirect APITrack this API is accessible through a Python SDK.

9. Parrot Sequoia API

Parrot Sequoia is a special sensor that can be attached to drones and then used to monitor crops in the agriculture business. The Parrot Sequoia APITrack this API can be used along with USB, serial or IP layers to communicate with PTP compliant cameras, allowing users to to capture, configurate, calibrate, download and more. The API allows developers to change settings, calibrate the sensors, trigger image capture and manage internal memory. The Parrot Sequoia Websockets API allows developers to receive an Asynchronous event from the Sequoia, such as a change in camera configuration and insertion of an SD card.

Parrot Sequoia

Screenshot: Parrot

10. Caruma API

Caruma is a camera that connects automobiles to the cloud and applications. The camera aids with security, driving safety, and collaborative driving. The Caruma REST APITrack this API allows developers to connect to Caruma and create apps. Caruma features one camera facing in the car, and another facing out, stereo microphone, GPS, 4G LTE cellular, motion sensors, gesture control, and a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Caruma API

Screenshot: Caruma

The Cameras category contains more resources for developers, including SDKs and Sample Source code.

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