Top 10 Education APIs

Education technology is changing the way instructors teach and the way students learn. As education becomes more tech-savvy, better tools are needed to provide interoperability and efficiency for educators and students. Developers are stepping up to create applications that are useful for the classroom, and they are looking to the ProgrammableWeb Education category to find the best Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to use for their "EdTech" apps. In this category, expect to find APIs for Learning Management Systems, online learning courses, school, and student administration, locating great schools, integrating teaching tools such as flashcards, test preparation, standards implementation, sharing resources, getting donations for the classroom and much more.

Developers wishing to get a glimpse of what Education APIs are available should check out this list of ten popular choices from ProgrammableWeb members, as well as a handful of bonus APIs we think are worthy of a look.

1. Google Classroom API

Google Classroom is an online service that teachers can use to create, organize, and grade assignments without paper. The Google Classroom APITrack this API allows users to integrate data about courses, aliases, invitations, students, teachers, and user entities. This API uses REST interface and OAuth 2.0 access to manage classes, teachers, and student rosters in the Classroom interface.

2. GreatSchools API

GreatSchools is a non-profit that provides school information and parenting resources to help families choose the right school, as well as support learning at home. The GreatSchools APITrack this API enables users to find nearby U.S. schools by zip code, city or full address. The API returns information about each school, including reviews from users or students' test scores.

GreatSchools API returns the location, number of students, and ratings of schools in the U.S

GreatSchools API returns the location, number of students, and ratings of schools in the U.S. Screenshot: GreatSchools

3. Quizlet Flashcards API

Quizlet is a flashcard study website with 2 million registered users and more than 7 million flashcard sets. The Quizlet APITrack this API lets developers use Quizlet's database of over 200 million flashcards covering every possible subject. The API enables users to search, download, edit and upload flashcard sets, mark sets as favorites, create, edit and join groups, search for definitions and more.

Integrate flashcards into apps with Quizlet API

Integrate flashcards into apps with Quizlet API. Screenshot Quizlet/jessmichaud488

4. DonorsChoose API is an online charity for schools. Public school teachers in the U.S. can post project supply requests on and users can give any amount to a chosen project. Once a project reaches its funding goal, DonorsChoose delivers the materials to the school. The DonorsChoose APITrack this API allows developers to pull classroom project listings into their website or application and enables app users to donate to projects or purchase gift cards.

5. Khan Academy API

Khan Academy provides free online education tools. The site contains over 3,200 online videos covering subjects from finance and physics to math and art. The Khan Academy APITrack this API gives developers access to nearly all of the data stored on the site categorized by playlists, wherein users can discover videos or get information about the exercises for each. The API also returns information about badges awarded via the exercise dashboard. The API methods are split into topics, videos, exercises, badges, and user data.

6. WizIQ Virtual Classroom API

WizIQ offers intuitive tools for online teaching including virtual classroom, student recruitment tools, and payment collection mechanisms. Developers can use the WizIQ APITrack this API to integrate WizIQ with their website, CMS or Learning Management System. Functionality exposed by the API includes conducting live classes to multiple users, taking attendance, uploading and managing content and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

7. OpenEd API

OpenEd uses machine learning to align teaching tools to learning standards such as Common Core State Standards, NGSS, TEKS and detailed taxonomies of fine-grained learning objectives (from Renaissance, ACT, and others). OpenEd was created to foster the usage of educational resources by K-12 teachers to obtain great results on standardized tests. The OpenEd APITrack this API offers resource search, contribution, and standards information. Content Creators can upload quality K-12 resources to OpenEd via the OpenEd API. And educational technology providers can query the OpenEd API to get resource recommendations.

8. Microsoft Graph Education API

The Microsoft Graph allows Microsoft cloud service to expose multiple APIs, including educational APIs, through one REST endpoint. The Microsoft Graph Education APITrack this API contains methods for managing relevant Office 365 resources and data including classes, schools, users, assignments, submissions, students, teachers, classes, and enrollments. The API can also be used to manage school rosters.

9. API provides developers with open data regarding the U.K. education sector. The APITrack this API returns responses in JSON or XML format from the Edubase (Children Centres and School Group Links) database, as well as freedom of information requests. Get data about schools including full name, LA numbers, Unique Reference Number, group information and more with the API.

10. Blackboard

Blackboard Learn is designed to help educators involved in K-12, higher education, government, and business engage with learners on whatever devices they use. The Blackboard Learn APITrack this API allows developers to manage announcements, courses, content, course memberships, course grades, data sources, and more. It allows users to build course content, host discussions, send targeted notifications, and use analytics to track learners' progress.

Bonus APIs

The APIs below aren't as popular with ProgrammableWeb members, but garner a look at due to their unique qualities or usefulness to developers.

Assembly Platform API

Assembly Platform connects school management information systems and data together with other education software. The Assembly Platform APITrack this API integrates data analysis into education applications.

EdGate Data Service API

The EdGate Data Service APITrack this API is a REST API that allows clients direct, secure access to the EdGate data repository. Using the API gives clients and their developers complete flexibility and control in creating tools to display standards and correlation data.

OCBC Education Calculator API

OCBC is a banking and financial services provider based in Singapore. The OCBC Education Calculator API estimates a student education amount. Developers can call the interface via the HTTP GET method with a chain of query parameters, receiving responses as a JSON data object. Some features include estimated education cost and years, total savings, and investment amount.

Wonde APIs

Wonde is a log-in platform for educational applications that enables multiple app management with one sign-on. The Wonde School Data Sync APITrack this API sends JSON POST requests to access classroom data including achievement, assessments, attendance, behaviors, classes, contacts, doctors, employees, medical conditions, periods, photos, rooms, and students. The Wonde Single SignOn APITrack this API provides GraphQL API documentation to send student queries and receive SignOn examples, contacts, and employees associated with classes and groups.

Kami Embedding API

Kami is a document annotation application for schools. The Kami Embedding APITrack this API helps people at schools to collaborate in real-time by sharing documents and PDF files, just like a digital pen and paper. The API enables users to upload a document to Kami so it can be used for embedding purposes. It also enables users to manage data about documents and document viewing.

Still not seeing the API you need for your Educational application? Head on over to the ProgrammableWeb Education category for 484 APIs, 152 SDKs, and 118 Source Code Samples.

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