Top 10 Humor APIs

There is nothing funny about Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), usually, but we've rounded up a few to chuckle over. Developers wanting to add some humor to their applications can start with this list of the top ten Humor APIs from the ProgrammableWeb directory.

1. Geek Jokes API

Geek Jokes reign over the Humor category on ProgrammableWeb, and the whopping number of page visits to this API profile prove it. The Geek Jokes RESTful APITrack this API lets users Fetch a random geeky/programming related joke for use in all sorts of applications. This API is provided by developer Sameer Kumar.

2. JokeAPI

The Joke APITrack this API returns jokes of many types in JSON, XML and YAML formats. The API allows filters for NSFW, political or religious jokes, and returns jokes from miscellaneous, dark and programming categories.

3. Yes or No API

The simple Yes or No APITrack this API is made for automating boolean decision making within mobile environments. API calls will return a "Yes", "No" or "Maybe." Returns include fun links to comical Gifs, such as Will Ferrell in Anchorman screaming "No!" or Stanley from The Office nodding yes.

4. Corporate BS Buzzword Generator API

The Corporate BS Buzzword Generator APITrack this API allows developers to add random Corporate BS phrases to applications. This API is also provided by developer Sameer Kumar, who, in his own words, "made this lovely little corporate bullshit generator to randomly pick out phrases, which can help your application get ahead in an industry where spin, buzzwords and vagueness reign supreme." Sameer, we salute you!

Corporate BS now has an API.

Corporate BS now has an API. Screenshot Sameer Kumar

5. Be Like Bill API

The Be Like Bill meme is a stick figure that ignores trolling or offensive behavior that he runs across on the internet. The Be Like Bill APITrack this API is used to integrate "Be Like Bill" meme creation functionality to websites.

Add "Be Like Bill" meme generation ability to apps with the API

Add "Be Like Bill" meme generation ability to apps with the API. Image: Be Like Bill Meme Generator

6. Jokes One API

Jokes One is a joke repository website with an API for consumption. The Jokes One APITrack this API is a RESTful service to interact with the joke Platform, including methods for retrieving particular jokes, random jokes, categories of jokes and posting jokes as well.

7. Ron Swanson Quotes API

Ron Swanson is a fictional character from The Office TV show portrayed by actor Nick Offerman. The Ron Swanson Quotes APITrack this API was developed by James Wright, an independent web developer. This API lets other developers integrate its database with their applications, enabling their users to have access to the Ron Swanson quotes directly.

8. Chuck Norris Facts API

Chuck Norris Facts APITrack this API returns random facts about actor Chuck Norris in JSON format. The API also includes Slack Integration for viewing the available categories of jokes, searching category-specific jokes, and personalizing search preferences.

9. Tronald Dump API

Tronald Dump API allows access to data that returns quotes for "the dumbest things Donald Trump has ever said." It supports JSON formatted responses for several categories, and a slack integration for viewing available categories, searching categories, and personalizing search preferences.

10. icanhazdadjoke API offers the largest collection of dad jokes on the internet. The icanhazdadjoke APITrack this API allows developers to retrieve a random joke, a specific joke, or search for jokes programmatically. Results are returned in JSON, text, GraphQL, as an image, or as a Slack message.

This API provides Dad jokes

This API provides Dad jokes. Screenshot:

If the list above didn't tickle your funny bone, have no fear. Head on over to the Humor category on ProgrammableWeb for more than 50 APIs, SDKs, and Source Code Samples.

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