Top 10 Pets APIs

Humankind has been truly blessed with pets. Not only are they our best friends, they are also big business. Developers have created thousands of pet-related applications to date, offering features such as random pet photos, pet sitting services, pet adoption services, pet breed recognition from photos, pet insurance quotes, pet medical monitors, robot pets, pet product shopping, and lost and found services.

Developers wishing to create pet-related applications can rely on ProgrammableWeb for the best Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, to do the job. ProgrammableWeb's Pets category is the place to find these APIs, plus other resources.

In this article, we highlight the top ten API for Pets, based on website traffic.

1. Dog CEO API

The Dog CEO Dog APITrack this API allows developers to access and integrate over 20,000 images of dogs from over 120 breeds with other applications. The images are supplied by the Stanford Dogs Dataset and are returned by breed, sub-breed, or at random.

Get images of dogs by breed with this API

Get images of dogs by breed with this API. Screenshot: Dog CEO

2. The Cat API

The Cat API provides developer's free access to random cat pictures. With the Cat APITrack this API users can specify the number of returned results, image type, image size, and the category of the cat picture. The API also allows an application to vote on images, retrieve votes, favorite images, list categories, and more.

The Cat API

The Cat API provides cat images. Screenshot: Aden Forshaw/

3. Get Your Pet API

Get Your Pet is an online pet adoption community where people who want to adopt a pet connect with people who need to rehome a dog or cat. The Get Your Pet APITrack this API allows partners programmatic access to the Platform. Developers can utilize the API to look up the details of pets available for adoption on the website, such as pet age, distance, good with children, good with other dogs, etc.

4. Petfinder API

Petfinder is a website that lets users search for pets that are up for adoption. Petfinder offers a RESTful APITrack this API that allows developers to create their own applications to query the Petfinder database. Searches can be by breed, pet, shelter, or by breed/pet at a specific shelter.

5. Request Kittens API

Request Kittens APITrack this API provides a way to return various cat images. Use the API to Fetch information about a specific cat, get a randomized set of category-specific cat images, return images of cats based on an emotion (happy, grumpy, sad, surprised, confused) and more.

6. PetRescue API

PetRescue is a Australian national animal welfare charity that connects rescue pets with new homes. The PetRescue APITrack this API allows users to search for pet rescue listings in Australia, list breeds, create or update adoption listings and more.

7. What Cat API

The What Cat APITrack this API enables users to determine the breed of a cat from an image. The What Cat API knows 67 breeds of cats and returns 5 breeds in order of similarity with a probability value. Metadata Inc., an application software company based in Japan, provides this API.

8. Purina API

Pet owners can register with Purina for finding and sharing information about pets. Developers can use the Purina APITrack this API to get user information such as pet type, social platforms, food brands, and nutritional data for pet and cat owners.

9. Nationwide Pet Insurance Quote API

Nationwide offers insurance and financial services across the United States. The Nationwide Pet Insurance Quote APITrack this API allows developers to get real-time quotes for pet insurance. The quote is created using information about the pet and pet owner and includes all relevant pricing information.

10. SmartFlow API

SmartFlow is veterinary patient workflow software from IDEXX. The SmartFlow Sheet APITrack this API allows veterinary providers to track workflows and manage or automate operations in their clinics. It simplifies the Integration of both in-patient and outpatient treatment tracking functionalities in clinical apps.

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