Top 10 Time APIs

What time is it? What time will we arrive? What time does the sun set?

There are many reasons for developers to add time components to applications. In order to do that, they need access to Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, that are concerned with time. The best place to find these APIs is in the ProgrammableWeb directory.

In ProgrammableWeb's Time category, developers can find APIs for timers, time zones, tide tables, sunset or sunrise, time fencing, device times, employee clocks, time stamping, travel route times, movie showtimes, travel wait times, and others.

This article examines the ten top Time APIs based on page visits to ProgrammableWeb. It's about Time!

1. TimeStation API

TimeStation is a time and attendance system that runs on smartphones and tablets. The TimeStation APITrack this API allows customer applications to retrieve a variety of attendance and employee reports. The REST API returns CSV or XLS formatted data. Available reports include Current Employee Status, Daily Attendance & Absence, Employee Activity, Open Shifts, Payroll Export and more.

2. WorldTime API

The WorldTime API returns the local time for a given time zone in either JSON or plain text format. This API can also return information on whether a time zone is currently in Daylight Savings Time (DST), when DST starts and ends, and the UTC offset.

3. World Tides API

World Tide gives tide predictions for any location in the world. The World Tides APITrack this API will return information on the coordinates of the closest point where tidal information is available, the height of tides at a given time, or tidal data so that users can calculate tide heights at a given time.

Get tide information such as distance, height, start and end times via this API
Get tide information such as distance, height, start and end times via this API. Image: Fame-IT/Brainware


4. Prayer Times API

Prayer Times is an application built for Muslims who live in non-Islamic countries and cannot hear Adhan (or Azan)--the call to prayer--5 times a day. The Prayer Times APITrack this API supports prayer calendar, geolocation, and current time.

5. Sunrise and Sunset Times API

Sunrise-Sunset is a free online service that provides users with information on day length, twilight, sunrise times, and sunset times for any date and location in the world. The Sunrise Sunset Times APITrack this API allows users to retrieve exact sunrise and sunset times for a given latitude and longitude, and if wanted, a specified date.

Get sunset and sunrise times for any location on Earth via this API

Get sunset and sunrise times for any location on Earth via this API. Screenshot: Sunrise-Sunset

6. Clockify API

Clockify provides free time tracking software services. With the Clockify APITrack this API, developers can implement projects, reports, summary reports, tasks, time entries, users, groups, and workspace into applications.

7. Google Maps Time Zone API

The Google Maps Time Zone APITrack this API allows developers to retrieve time offset data for any location on Earth. Developers can request information for a specific latitude/longitude pair and date, and the API will return the time zone's name, its offset from UTC, and its daylight savings offset. Results are returned in English by default, but other languages are available.

8. MoonCalc API

The MoonCalc APITrack this API can determine the course of the moon, moonrise, moon angle, full moon and lunar eclipse for any location and time. The API allows users to integrate the calculation of the moon's location that is based on latitude, longitude, date, time and more.

MoonCalc API

Screenshot: Torsten Hoffman

9. Time and Date Daylight Saving Time (DST) Worldwide API

With Daylight Saving Time Worldwide APITrack this API, developers can manage dates, times and zone changes in multiple countries. With this API, partners can retrieve information of recognized parameters such as year, country, lang, listplaces, and timechanges.

10. Unix Timestamp Converter API

A UNIX timestamp is a ten digit number that signifies the number of seconds that have passed since midnight on the 1st January 1970, UTC time. It is useful to represent a universal date and time without the concern of timezones. The Unix Timestamp Converter APITrack this API coverts Unix Timestamps to DateTime objects and DateTime objects to Unix Timestamps.

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