Top 10 Video APIs

Video is as much a part of the Internet as text is these days, and there are plenty of tools for programmers to use to tap into it. Application Programming Interfaces or APIs provide developers with services for live streaming, augmented reality, specifications and standards, analytics, video security, video intelligence, recording and mixing, video AI, and even vehicle dashcams.

Adding video functions to applications is a sure-fire way to increase engagement. The best way to achieve this is to peruse the ProgrammableWeb directory for the best video APIs. The ProgrammableWeb Video category contains hundreds of API offerings for developers to create custom videos, add video ads, provide live streaming video, screen sharing, or social video, retrieve video data, add outside video content, perform analytics, retrieve video metadata and many other functions.

1. YouTube Data API

The YouTube Data APITrack this API gives users programmatic access to the videos on YouTube. It allows users to search for videos, retrieve standard feeds, and see related content. It also enables applications to authenticate a user for uploading videos, modifying playlists, or bringing the YouTube experience to a new Platform. It can be used to personalize a web site or application with the user's existing information as well as perform actions like commenting on and rating videos. This RESTful API provides responses in XML format.

2. Vimeo API

Vimeo is an open video platform that provides high-quality hosting, streaming and sharing for filmmakers. The Vimeo APITrack this API handles uploading, transcoding, hosting and playback of any video type. API users can embed videos in their own websites or applications, optimize video, customize playback, track metadata and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

3. Rovi (Tivo) Cloud Services API

Tivo is a digital entertainment technology company that provides guidance technology, entertainment data, content protection, and content networking technology for digital entertainment devices and services. Rovi Cloud Services includes APIs to access advertising, metadata, recommendations, media recognition, search and management/analytics modules. Rovi purchased Tivo in 2016 and has rebranded as Tivo, however, the API Documentation is still referred to as Rovi Cloud Services.

4. Dailymotion API

Dailymotion is a large online video sharing platform. The Dailymotion APITrack this API lets developers integrate Dailymotion's functionality and content into their own applications. Some example API methods include uploading, sharing, and playing content, view, create, and edit data about video content, and embedding the Dailymotion player into other sites.

5. IVA Video

Internet Video Archive's Entertainment Express API enables users to retrieve movie, TV, and Video Game metadata as well as a large collection of promotional video assets and images. Users can retrieve movie trailers, TV series, season and episode trailers, video game trailers, music videos and more. The data collection is always expanding the API is allows users to easily aggregate data into their own applications.

6. Viddler API

Viddler provides online video training services for the healthcare industry. Developers can use the Viddler APITrack this API to view and update Viddler's data, upload a video, create a Viddler account, update user profile data, generate a token for an embedded recorder, get video details, update video details, display videos uploaded by a certain user, retrieve featured videos, manage comments, manage videos and more.

7. ImpossibleFX API

ImpossibleFX is a video personalization platform that offers personalized content, dynamic story flows, adaptive rendering, compositing, and more. The ImpossibleFX APITrack this API allows developers to create dynamic movie templates from scratch or to script and extend existing movie templates created with the ImpossibleFX Editor. This API is RESTful and uses the JSON and Protobuf formats.

8. IBM Cloud Video APIs

IBM Cloud Video was created when IBM acquired Ustream in January 2016. The platform lets developers customize the viewing experience, create streaming applications, and analyze engagement and telemetry data. The IBM Cloud Video Channel APITrack this API provides access to IBM's Cloud Video users' data and is capable of broadcasting to a user's channel. The API is used to manage channels remotely, modify security settings, video recording, and more. And IBM Cloud Video Player APITrack this API allows developers to build a customized embedded live player for live streams and recorded videos.

9. TwitchTV API

TwitchTV is a video game broadcasting and chat community featuring gaming personalities, players, tournaments, leagues, and commentary. The TwitchTV APITrack this API, composed of a REST API and a Javascript SDK, provides access to TwitchTV data, including user, channel, and team information.

10. Amazon Alexa Skill Video API

The Amazon Alexa Skill Video APITrack this API provides far-field control of video devices and streaming services using an Alexa device. The Video Skill API enables users to integrate Alexa with other video service providers, including DISH, Verizon, TiVo, and DIRECTV.

If you don't find what you need in the list above, check out the more than 700 APIs, 660 SDKs, and 580 Source Code samples in the ProgrammableWeb Video category.

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