Top 11 Animation APIs

The Internet would be a very lifeless place if it weren't for animations. Whether they be 2D, 3D, motion graphics (such as animated GIFS), Japanese Anime, avatars, messaging emoji or stickers, animated data visualizations, Superhero or villian imagery, or even CAPTCHA and QRCodes that wiggle, the web is filled with these colorful, often movable images.

Developers wanting to make their applications come alive with animations, or simply add data about animations to their apps, need the proper APIs to get the job done.

What is an Animation API?

An Animation API is an Application Programming Interface in which developers can use to get data about animation or create animation functions in their own applications.

Developers can suitable Animation APIs in the Animation category of the ProgrammableWeb API directory. In this article, we give details about the eleven most popular APIs in the category, based on web page visits.

1. AniDB API

AniDB (Anime DataBase) is an extensive database of information on Japanese animation that includes shows, movies, episodes, characters, and more. This database is freely available to the public, and all AniDB users are able to add or edit information. Users can also create and maintain a "MyList" to keep track of which anime they have and haven't seen before. The AniDB APITrack this API allows users to retrieve information from the database programmatically using REST, TCP, and UDP protocols.

2. Marvel Comics API

Marvel Comics is the publisher of comic books featuring superheroes such as Captain Marvel, Spiderman, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and hundreds of other characters. The Marvel Comics APITrack this API provides developer access to metadata describing Marvel's 70+ years of comics. The RESTful API delivers JSON formatted information about creators, characters, series, story lines, individual issues, and crossover events.

Marvel Comics API

Screenshot: Marvel

3. Windy API

The Windy APITrack this API is a free public API that developers can use to add an interactive animated weather forecast map to applications and websites. The Windy animated map displays information and forecasts for wind, clouds, waves, temperature, and more. The API requires the Leaflet JavaScript Library.

4. AniList API

AniList is a Platform that supports the tracking, discovery, and sharing of Anime and Manga. The AniList APITrack this API provides Anime and Manga data with a GraphQL interface. The API allows developers to build applications that implement Japanese animation concepts with responses with JSON.

5. Gfycat API

Gfycat is an animated GIF creation and sharing platform. The Gfycat APITrack this API allows developers to access methods for creating and managing GIFs, as well as transparent stickers. There are available SDKs for web, Android, and iOS.

This GIF of Spock is logically, courtesy of Gfycat.

This Gfycat GIF of Spock is logically, courtesy of Gfycat.

6. ACME Animated QR Code Generator API

ACME Codes enables users to create animated QR codes. ACME stands for "Animated Codes Made Easy". The ACME Animated QR Code Generator APITrack this API can be integrated into applications to create animated QR codes in real time. Animated QR codes provide 'call to action' scan targets for users and can be embedded with a company's branding, logo, or campaign. Clients requiring large volume animated QR codes and/or automated code creation can use the API as opposed to ACME's online QR code generator.

Create animated QR Codes in real time with ACME API. Video: YouTube/Animated Codes Made Easy

7. Emoji Info API

The Emoji Info APITrack this API provides data about emojis in 42 human languages.Use this API to search and retrieve data such as title, tags, for example: face, grin, crying face, food, soda, soccer ball, etc. It also returns encoded and Unicode standard information.

8. Studio Ghibli API

Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation film studio that produces anime features, shorts, commercials and more. The Studio Ghibli APITrack this API provides access to a catalogue of people, places, and things found within the Ghibli platform.

9. Snapchat SnapKit

Snapchat is a popular photo sharing messenging service. SnapKit SDK and APITrack this API enables developers with the ability to integrate Snapchat features into applications via four avenues: Creative Kit, Login Kit, Bitmoji Kit and Story Kit. The API provides a way for users to to log into applications faster, brings Bitmojis into an application and integrates stickers, filters, links, and more. SnapKit also allows develpers to embed and filter publicly shared Snapchat Stories into an application or website.

10. Superhero Search API

The Superhero Search APITrack this API returns information available about a superhero. Data includes appearance, gender, biography, aliases, alter egos, name, place of birth, publisher, connections images and more. Search using hero name, real name, or a unique id with this API.

11. Kitsu API

Kitsu is a Anime social sharing and recommendation service. The Kitsu APITrack this API allows individuals to easily query Anime. It can help users discover new Anime and make sure they will not to miss the latest episodes or series.

Kitsu API

Screenshot: Kitsu

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