Top 11 Math APIs

Developers have many reasons for adding math functions to applications. These include generating random numbers, math education, offering number facts, counting, keeping time, solving mathematical equations, creating algorithms, measuring spaces and distances, square root or other calculations, graphing, accounting, even Pi operations.

Developers wanting to add these type of functions to applications need Math APIs to complete the task.

What is a Math API?

A Math API is an Application Programming Interface that developers can use to connect mathematics services with applications.

The best place to find these APIs is in the Math category of ProgrammableWeb.

In this article we detail the eleven top Math APIs from that category, as determined by website visitors.

1. Versus Sports Simulator

The Versus Sports Simulator API delivers team rankings, conference/divisional rankings, team report cards, game predictions, and game simulations for college and professional sports. HTTP requests are available to requests responses, that will be produced by a mathematical algorithm in REST architecture.

2. Mathworks MATLAB API

MATLAB is a high-level language and interactive environment for mathematics including numerical computation, visualization, and programming. The MATLAB RESTful APITrack this API enables users to evaluate MATLAB functions on remote servers using JSON representation of MATLAB data types. It allows developers to create client programs in any programming language with an HTTP Library. The API enables functions such as request methods, response codes, message headers, and message bodies.


Image: Mathworks

3. Mathpix API

The Mathpix APITrack this API enables users to solve mathematical equations via OCR technology. With the API, developers can implement image processing, systems of equations, matrices, long divisions, problem numbers, graphs, and geometry diagrams. The app can be downloaded for Android and iOS. This API supports scientific notation as used in chemistry, math, physics, computer science, economics, and other STEM subjects.

Make written math problems machine readable with Mathpix API

Make written math problems machine readable with Mathpix API. Image: Mathpix

4. Numbers API

The Numbers APITrack this API is a site to explore facts about numbers. Enter a number and receive a random fact, such as "15 is the number of days in each of the 24 cycles of the Chinese calendar." In addition to viewing them on the site, the Numbers API is expected to be used programmatically. Send a request to the API and it returns a plain text string. Add a Callback and that string is wrapped in a JSONP callback Function. In addition to simple number facts, the site also allows developers to specify math facts about numbers, as well as "on this date" type of functionality.

5. Math Tools Numbers API

Math Tools Numbers APITrack this API enables users to get Number of the day, generate random numbers, get cardinal or ordinal of a number, convert to Egyptian, Chinese, Roman, or Binary, get number facts, check if a number is prime, get digits of Pi up to a million and anything else you want to do with numbers.

6. CSRNG Random Number Generator API

CSRNG Random Number Generator APITrack this API generates random numbers in JSON format. Calling the "lite" version without any parameters will return a single random number ranging between 0 and 9,007,199,254,740,991 inside a JSON response. A paid "Pro" version is also available which returns the random number plus other information regarding the request.

7. Wiris API

The Wiris (pronounced Wyrees) Quizzes APITrack this API helps users create mathematical tests and evaluate student answers. Along with its Editor and Cas (an advanced online calculator), Quizzes is part of the Wiris suite that can be plugged into a learning management system (LMS). Wiris API provides random variables plus2D and 3D graphical evaluations by syntactically checking student answers (and advising them not to post until it they are syntactically complete), and by automatically evaluating answers.

8. Pi API

Google Cloud Platform's Pi APITrack this API returns 750 billion digits of Pi during HTTP calls. The Pi API offers calls for Pi number operations, and can return digits from a specified range, a desired position, and stream digits into a page. Demonstrations are available on the Pi API website, a collaborative website from Google Cloud Platform and Firebase.

9. Count API

The Count APITrack this API allows users to create simple counters. Use it to create a custom counter, reset counters, implement page views and statistics into applications, etc. Consider it an IaaS, or "Integer-as-a-Service".

10. Flapit API

Flapit is a physical counter that is connected to several social media platforms that including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and others. The Flapit REST APITrack this API allows users to control a Flapit counting device by directly specifying the symbols. It can be used to manage Flapit counting devices, sending specific commands and other tasks.

11. Studycounts API

Studycounts provides an application to give users the ability to practice math with unlimited problems to improve math fluency with gamification rewards. The Studycounts APITrack this API provides a way to programmatically access the Studycounts mathematics question generator via RESTful service. Developers can use the API to get a random or specific arithmetic, algebra, or calculus question.


Screenshot: Studycounts

Check out the Math category for more APIs and other resources for developers.

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