Top 20 APIs of 2018 Based on Twitter Traffic

top 20 APIs of 2018 based on Twitter traffic

Like much of the world, we at ProgrammableWeb use social media in an attempt to extend our reach to a wider audience, which in our case includes developers and other API enthusiasts. Although we are active on all of the major social media giants, including Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, Twitter appears to be the most relevant social network among developers.

We have been able to use Twitter as one of our tools for discovering new APIs that can be added to our directory, as well as correspond to providers or users from time to time. Witnessing what is trending on Twitter can provide us with insights on what are the important topics of the day, and what technology may be driving developers.

We make sure to send a Tweet or two about every new API that is added to our directory, and pay attention to noteworthy responses. With that in mind, we put together this list of the top 20 Tweets about APIs added to our directory during 2018. Presented below are the Tweets that received the most love from our followers this past year, counting down from number 20.

20. ipstack

ipstack offers global IP database services worldwide. The ipstackTrack this API API can be used to locate and identify website visitors and assess risks and threats to websites and applications.

19. FL3XX

FL3XX is an aviation management Platform. The FL3XX APITrack this API returns aviation data about aircraft, airports, flights, and passengers.

18. Exchange Rates

The Exchange Rates APITrack this API provides current and historical foreign exchange (forex) rates. Data is retrieved from published exchange rates by the European Central Bank. The API is free, and supports the latest foreign exchange reference rates, historical dates since 1999, and specific exchange rates by symbol.

17. Hydrogen Ion

The Hydrogen Platform provides APIs for building financial applications with digital Infrastructure, financial engineering, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence features. Hydrogen Ion API enables data scientists to pre-process datasets, and train and evaluate models with Machine Learning.

16. Docparser

Docparser is a data extraction service. The Docparser APITrack this API can extract data from documents, work orders, PDF invoices, purchase orders, sales orders, warranty agreements, standardized contracts, and more.


API-FOOTBALL APITrack this API provides RESTful access to football (soccer) data. The service currently covers 36 competitions with livescores, standings, events, pre-match odds, and statistics.

14. LocationIQ Geocoding

LocationIQ Geocoding APITrack this API allows developers to perform geocoding and reverse geocoding operations. The API also allows developers to access maps, nearby points of interest, nearby countries, and their account balance. Map tiles provided by LocationIQ work on web, Android, and iOS platforms.

13. MovieQuotes

MovieQuotes APITrack this API allows developers to access famous quotes from more than 500 movies. Users can search for quotes by actor, character, movie, genre, year, or partial quote. Language bindings are provided in Shell and Ruby.

12. FakeJSON

The FakeJSON APITrack this API is used to generate fake data for third-party applications. The API creates test data for mocking purposes, and returns information in JSON format.

11. Para

Para is an open source modular backend framework for the cloud. The Para APITrack this API is a general-purpose backend framework for the cloud that provides a REST architecture, a database as a first tier, a search index as a second, and cache as a third tier.

10. Shopify GraphQL Admin

Shopify provides services for online and in-store merchants. The Shopify GraphQL Admin APITrack this API allows developers to build applications and other Shopify integrations using GraphQL. It provides a way to add shipping, fulfillment and product management to store applications.

9. Twinword Emotion Analysis

Twinword, a company providing text analysis APIs, launched its Emotion Analysis APITrack this API in September, 2018. The Emotion Analysis API enables developers to build software that reads and detects the emotions of text in a paragraph. The technology is based on artificial intelligence analysis of user intent, topic, or pattern.

8. Google Apps Script

Google Apps Script is a JavaScript-based platform that is used for implementing add-ons for G Suite applications such as Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Slides and more. The Google Apps Script APITrack this API allows developers to automate tasks for spreadsheets, add buttons, and more, plus issue Apps Script API commands for other integrations.

7. provides tools for developers to add modding support to games. The APITrack this API allows users to search, sort and share mods in-game, using an SDK or REST service. This modding platform for game developers is an open API for cross-platform mod support.

6. Uber Riders

The Uber Riders APITrack this API allows developers to integrate the ability to request a ride through Uber into third-party applications. The API allows prospective riders to select the Uber service they need, specify their pickup and dropoff locations, and get time and price estimates for the trip.

5. MakCorps Hotel Price Comparison API

The MakCorps Hotel Price Comparison APITrack this API allows applications to retrieve JSON data to compare hotel prices, ratings and reviews from more than 200 websites including,,,, Expedia and more. Enter a GET request by city and get hotels, prices (in Indian Rupees) vendors (websites), number or reviews, and ratings (such as "4 of 5") for that particular city.

4. WorldCup 2018

WorldCup 2018 APITrack this API offers JSON formatted data related to WorldCup soccer teams, matches, stadiums, and players. Data is provided in English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Korean.

3. iLovePDF API

The iLovePDF APITrack this API offers a wealth of PDF tools for developers, including optimization, conversion, security, editing, and image options.

2. APIseeds BuildWith API

APIseeds provides a suite of simple APIs for enriching applications. The APIseeds BuildWith APITrack this API provides access about a technology used in websites via JSON format.

1. Frost API is a Decentralized platform for managing creative assets. It is a network that is shared, open, secured by the blockchain and designed to record metadata and ownership information for digital creative assets. The Frost APITrack this API allows users to develop integrations, register works, and integrate web applications to the network, without having to build a private key infrastructure.

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