Top 5 Mashup Questions for 2007

What will be the trends, topics, etc. for mashups in 2007? "It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future" said physicist Niels Bohr, or maybe it was Yogi Berra, but in that spirit I'm offering up questions, not speculation, for mashups and APIs this year.

  • 1. Who's making money on mashups? We've now seen cases where APIs can deliver directly to the bottom line given that over 50% of transactions come via their API and more than 47% of eBay listings get posted through their API. We have also seen that APIs can create significant mindshare such as with Google Maps and Amazon S3. But there's still plenty of unanswered questions with regards to business models for API providers, developers and intermediaries.
  • 2. Which mashup Platform among the major players will have the most momentum? Every momentum discussion starts with Google, but don't discount Amazon or AOL, and Microsoft has a history of coming from behind. One place to keep track of this is on our API scorecard.
  • 3. How will widgets impact mashups? One of the big stories going into 2007 is the widgetization of the web. Many widgets are effectively mashups and there are now 10 widget APIs listed here.
  • 4. How quickly will mashup tools, mashup platforms and enterprise mashups take off? A variety of consumer and enterprise space tools and platforms just started appearing last year and many more are expected this year. How will they do? Good enterprise coverage over on Dion Hinchcliffe's blog and more of that coming here as well.
  • 5.Which subject category will be the most active? Okay, I'll go out on a limb here with a prediction: 2006 was maps, 2007 is video (or is that too easy?). As recently noted, video-related web mashups have clearly been on the rise in the second half of 2006.

And certainly more questions, ideas and trends will arise this year, maybe even starting at at Mashup Camp in two weeks...