Top 7 APIs for Beer

The global beer industry is worth an estimated 500 billion dollars, so it's no wonder developers like to create applications that "tap" into data about beer.

The best way to connect to data about beers, breweries, and brewers is with an Application Programming Interface, or API. And the best place to find suds-related APIs is the Beer category on ProgrammableWeb. There, developers can gather a wealth of data for applications, including beer types, brands, tasting notes, ratings, ingredients, brewery locations, events, and more.

In this article, we highlight the most popular Beer APIs based on user traffic on ProgrammableWeb.

1. BreweryDB API

BreweryDB is a database for the beer industry. The BreweryDB API offers access to a beer Library that is updated by BreweryDB users. Data that can be retrieved includes brewery location, website, phone numbers, descriptions, logos, and more. Users can also get beer style, coloring, bitterness, availability, ingredients, events, labels, categories, and more. Users can add beers and breweries to the database.

BreweryDB API

Screenshot: BreweryDB

2. API is an online bar, restaurant and nightclub directory. The BARZZ APITrack this API allows users to retrieve detailed bar and nightclub venue information including bar type, location, amenities, hours, daily specials, and more. Data is available for 30,000 bars and venues in over 60 cities and regions across the USA and growing daily.

3. Untappd API

Untappd is a mobile web app that allows users to socially share with friends the beer they're currently enjoying, as well as where they're enjoying it. The public version of the Untappd APITrack this API enables developers to retrieve beer and vendor activities, user information, plus manage toasts, check-ins, friends, comments, and wishlists.

Untappd API

Screenshot: Untappd

4. Open Brewery DB

Open Brewery DB offers publicly accessible information related to breweries, cideries, brewpubs, and bottle shops. The Open Brewery DB APITrack this API can return lists of breweries with filters by city, name, state, and type.

5. Beer Mapping API

The Beer Mapping APITrack this API lets users get latitude/longitude, phone numbers, ratings, addresses, and more for breweries and other beer-related venues. Dev elopers can access a wide variety of data in the database, including location data, mapping data, and other data such as food, service, and atmosphere scores, ratings and reviews.

Beer Mapping API


6. Drizly API

Drizly is an on-demand alcohol delivery service. With a Drizly account, users in metropolitan areas can order beer, liquor, or wine to be delivered to their home in a purported 40 minutes or less. With the Drizly APITrack this API, developers will be able to embed drink ordering into 3rd party applications. The API is currently not publicly available, developers will need to contact Drizly directly for more information.

7. DigitalPour API

DigitalPour is a draft inventory management and digital menu service for restaurants, breweries, tap houses, and growler stations. The DigitalPour APITrack this API allows developers to retrieve tap list information in JSON format for use in their websites and applications. Developers can get links to the producer's website, Rate Beer, Untappd, product descriptions, and more.

Check out the Beer category for these and more than 15 other APIs, plus some SDKs.

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