Top Payments APIs: PayPal, Square, Stripe and Others


Link: /api/wepay
Provider: WePay
API Documentation:

WePay is a payment Platform that allows people and companies to collect, manage and spend money. Its API allows developers to integrate its payment platform with any service or product on many platforms. WePay is unique in that its API documentation is stellar, and it provides help and information on how to create marketplaces, crowdfunding services and other small-business services in a neat, clean and easy-to-understand format. The API uses the RESTful protocol and the responses are formatted in JSON.

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Intuit QuickBooks Online

Provider: Intuit
API Documentation:

The Intuit QuickBooks Online API includes domains for both payments and accounting. The Payments API allows customers to pay online via a bank-to-bank electronic funds transfer protocol. This API heavily focuses on helping companies streamline their operations by providing great online invoicing in addition to allowing businesses to accept online payments. The API responses are formatted in JSON.

The Intuit QuickBooks Online API’s main differentiator is that you can link to someone’s QuickBooks account as well as perform regular e-commerce transactions. You can also perform transactions and link them through a personal QuickBooks to make accounting easier. The documentation is a bit disorganized and doesn’t give a good overview of all the endpoints in the API. The service works well overall, but there isn’t much reason to use this one over the others unless much of your target audience uses QuickBooks or you really want to use QuickBooks yourself.

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Link: /api/square
Provider: Square
API Documentation:

Square started off as a mobile payments provider and has since branched out to processing point-of-sale retail transactions as well. Its API allows businesses or people to accept mobile payments with a card on iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The API also provides HTTP endpoints to retrieve reports for users’ payments, refunds and settlements.

The Square API is good for what it does: mobile payments. However, it is incredibly limited and cannot do any e-commerce. The documentation is good, but unless your business is solely mobile (and even then Square is expensive), there are better alternatives, such as LevelUp, that are more robust in the services they offer.

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Link: /api/bitpay
Provider: BitPay
API Documentation:

BitPay facilitates transactions on bitcoins, a rapidly growing online cryptocurrency. Much of the recent success in the bitcoin field can be attributed to BitPay’s easy-to-use and fast bitcoin payments service, making deals with companies like WordPress, Newegg, Microsoft and TigerDirect. Its RESTful API allows a business to accept bitcoins on its website, Android device or a select group of point-of-sale systems.

The BitPay API just works for bitcoin payments. The documentation is good and allows developers to use curl, PHP, Node.js, Python, Ruby, Java, C# and Perl and also shows Android Integration examples. Getting API tokens is a breeze and in general, using and developing with BitPay’s API is enjoyable. Of course, since BitPay only does bitcoin transactions, it’s best used alongside other transaction services that also accept U.S. dollars. BitPay can also be integrated into the PayPal Payments Hub service.

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