Topsy Pro Analytics Provides Instant Social Insight

With the rise in Big Data, organizations are constantly looking to analyze the large amounts that is being generated. The challenge is not just to analyze the large data but also be able to visualize this in almost real time. Topsy, the company that currently manages the largest index of public social data on various networks like Twitter and Google Plus, has released Topsy Pro Analytics (check out the Topsy API) that addresses both those points and gives organizations a powerful analytics tool to gain insight into historical and real-time Twitter data.

The Topsy Index is interesting in terms of sheer data. Topsy has been indexing Twitter Data for several years now and the data size runs into several billion tweets. The product also measures different types of content in each of the Tweets. Some of these types include terms, topics, hashtags, links, images, videos and social web trends.

The Topsy Pro Analytics tool gives organizations capability now to:

  • Instantly analyze any topic, term, hashtag or @-name in realtime or across years of conversations.
  • Identify key thoughts, opinions, content and people, historically or in realtime
  • Compare current trends against competitors or events

In terms of numbers, some of the insights that the tool provides you are:

  • Instant Counts for a keyword?
  • Where the conversation is taking place?
  • The list of influencers
  • Sentiment Analysis for a particular conversation

Check out the different scenarios in which you can use the Pro Analytics tool.

For more information, refer to the product release announcement. The Topsy Pro Analytics product is available in the form of a free trial at

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