Totle Platform Remedies Illiquidity of Decentralized Crypto Exchanges

Totle has launched a Platform to address the illiquidity hampering crypto markets. Cryptocurrency markets have long faced liquidity difficulties due to the Decentralized nature of the various exchanges. Totle aims to remedy this through automated aggregation.
"This product provides a foundation for decentralization and the future of Blockchain," David Bleznak, Totle CEO, commented in a press release. "Prior to Totle, there was no reliable infrastructure for decentralized value exchange. At a minimum the market (we) should expect optimization and safe custody every time value is exchanged on a blockchain. This is Totle's mission."
Key features of the platform include, single access point for all exchanges, non-custodial token trades, best trade price, simple Integration, reliable trade execution, multiple exchanges in one request, and a leading liquidity and token selection among decentralized exchanges. The platform pools fragmented order books from the various exchanges which both increases liquidity (i.e. increases a trader's odds of getting filled) and helps maintain steady value. 
API access to the platform is free at launch. Sign up for an API Key here. Totle has already integrated with some launch partners including AlphaWallet,, Fractal Wealth, Marble, Mirian, and Shrimpy.

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