Touchpoint Group Holdings Partners with UPS via API

Touchpoint Group Holdings provides an application that offers streaming capabilities aimed at allowing influencers to connect with their fans. The company has announced an API that provides Integration with UPS in order to streamline the shipping of products announced on the Platform

The API currently only provides this functionality via the Touchpoint iOS application. The announcement of the product describes the benefit of this partnership via API:

“Through its API with UPS eFulfillment, Touchpoint can effectively, efficiently, and reliably fulfill merchandise purchases made using celebrity influencer apps on the Touchpoint platform. UPS has strategically placed UPS eFulfillment warehouses so that vendors can take orders later in the day and still meet the demand for fast delivery anywhere in the Continental U.S. and Canada.”

Although this API is designed for integration between two partnering companies, ProgrammableWeb’s directory has over 300 shipping APIs listed that developers could use to build similar tools. 

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