TouchTunes Opens Jukebox API

TouchTunes, the world's largest jukebox network, has opened up its APIs for the first time. The TouchTunes Platform pulls data from over 60,000 locations. The platform enables the various locations to enjoy social interactions through shared experiences. Since the platform's original release in 2011, TouchTunes has always envisioned developers would be able to build on top of its platform. Now, TouchTunes is making that vision a reality.

To get its feet wet in the public API space, TouchTunes has released three APIs that it has deemed a "lite" version. The three APIs include a location API, now playing API, and a music search API. TouchTunes first demonstrated the APIs at the Music Hackathon Championship at this year's SXSW.

All three APIs use HTTP. GET calls pull location data or song data depending on the API being used. Visit the TouchTunes API console to try out the APIs. For full API access, sign up for an API key.

TouchTunes has long solidified itself as a leader in smart jukebox technology. While it has long relied on its APIs for its internal use, TouchTunes is now reaching out to the developer community. As it receives feedback and tests the waters with the lite version, expect new APIs and new features to hit the market soon.

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