Traackr API Helps Marketers Build Influencer Networks

When it comes to marketing, especially in the digital and social arenas, there are various others who can play a vital role in the success of a business. The ones that are influencing buyers’ decision-making processes can have a great impact; and keeping an eye on what makes them tick as well as building the right kind of relationships with them is probably a good idea. Influencer marketing platform, Traackr, provides an API that enables users to do just that.

Founded in 2009, Traackr is a team of innovators and creators that is focused on building tools that help users uncover relevant social insights and help businesses to build meaningful relationships with the right influencers within their communities. Traackr’s influencer marketing platform boasts a number of features that help users to achieve all of this.

Within the app, users are able to search for niche influencers based on relevance, geo-targeting, and multilingual search functionality. Users can then build influencer profiles that include information such as the kind of reach, resonance, and relevance those influencers have: tracking their content, staying on top of the most relevant posts published, and so on. This kind of information gives users the opportunity to engage with influencers at the right time, based on the most relevant content. The app also provides analytics and reporting functionality that makes it possible to measure results by generating targeted and actionable reports.

The Traackr API makes this all accessible to businesses who may want to make use of this functionality. All API endpoints require key authentication. Those who have any questions or require more information regarding the API can contact Traackr directly at


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