Track California Fires via Mashups

Wildfires in Southern California have lead to the largest evacuations in the US since hurricane Katrina and now a variety of organizations have created interactive mashups to provide information and track status. The first comes from the LA Times whose Southern California wildfires map (see our mashup profile here), with marker popups with details including acres burned, current containment, homes destroyed, time started, and status of evacuations.

The second mashup is a Google Maps mashup from KPBS San Diego (our profile here), whose map shows fire areas but also meeting points for evacuees as well as nearby emergency services like hospitals. KPBS has also setup a Twitter page with text updates.

And lastly, this mobile mashup, WAP California Wildfires, built with the 411Sync API lets you track on the California wildfires in real time from your WAP-capable cell phone. Visit from your mobile device and use the keyword "calfire".

More on mashups being used for this crisis at Google Maps Mania, GigaOm and Wired.

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Travature, like many San Diego based companies, has had to temporarily close our office. To keep track of the changing news we quickly threw together our own San Diego Fire Mashup: it includes the great KPBS Google map of the fire area, realtime twitter and blogger streams from the LA Times, SignonSanDiego, and KPBS, plus the latest photos coming into Flickr and videos coming into Youtube.

We were using it internally so we could keep track of things a little easier, but decided to offer it up to others people to see if anyone else found it beneficial.

Check it out at

-Stay safe San Diego

This is an excellent example of technology helping people. We need to see many more mashups like this (not sure whether I should say 'minus the fires').