Track Stocks via Xignite's Stock Market Quotes API

One way to keep up with the rapid movements in the stock market these days is via web services APIs. Take for example Xignite, the provider of commercial APIs for financial data. They have announced a new addition to its financial Web Service suite: XigniteGlobalQuotes. This new APIprovides users with programmable access to delayed stock quotes from global stock markets, including the Mumbai Stock Exchange (India), the Tokyo, Shanghai, and Singapore stock exchanges, the Brazil Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange, and many continental European exchanges (more at our XigniteGlobalQuotes API profile). Coupled with the Xignite Global Historical API, the Global Quotes API provides investors and financial modelers with the data needed to assess global market events as they are occuring.

We introduced the Xignite suite in our review of 25 Finance APIs this past spring. The Xignite team has continued to engineer access to new financial data sources since then. Visit our Xignite API Directory to browse our overviews of the Xignite APIs.

Xignite founder and CEO Stephane Dubois had this to say about the reasoning behind the XigniteGlobalQuotes service:

"We identified a strong, unmet demand for global financial data and are meeting it with XigniteGlobalQuotes. With cloud computing gaining traction in the enterprise and within financial institutions, IT departments are recognizing that cloud-based web services offer a flexible and cost-effective alternative for sourcing market data..."

The XigniteGlobalQuotes API is available using standard REST and SOAP protocols with data output in XML format. The API provides two methods: GetGlobalDelayedQuote and GetGlobalDelayedQuotes. As is the case for all Xignite APIs, the new API is well documented. For example, here's the GlobalQuotes WSDL.

An interesting feature that is now available for Xignite APIs is StrikeIron's SOA Express for Excel. With this tool, your Xignite data can be streamed live into Excel workbooks. See our StrikeIron API Directory for overviews of StrikeIron's own diverse APIs.

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