Track the Swine Flu With These Google and Twitter Mashups

The globe is abuzz with talk about a possible Swine Flu pandemic, and mashups are helping people who want to track the progress of the disease. Here are some these brand new mashups built using both the Google Maps API and the Twitter API.

Over at Google Maps Mania, Keir Clarke created a mashup that shows a timeline of swine flu outbreak using the Google Earth API and data from a Google MyMap created by a biomedical researcher in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Keir writes: "Due to the inaccuracy of the data this map should be seen purely as an experiment. For example, the timestamps on the data seems to suggest that the outbreak spread from the USA to Mexico rather than the other way around. However the timeline does give a rough idea of how the outbreak seems to be spreading." Check out their site for more good Swing Flu maps coverage.


Prolific map mashup developer Virender Ajmani has made a Google Maps and Twitter mashup that graphically tracks tweets on a map of the United States divided by region. The mashup shows the tweet, the tweeter, and the tweeter's location (our Swine Flu Tweet Map profile).


At O'Reilly Radar, John Geraci has an interesting guest post on Trying to Track Swine Flu Across Cities in Realtime. Among other things, he notes a Twitter mashup: 'SickCity is the "realtime disease detection for your city", created by people at DIYcity. The service, launched last month, works by monitoring Twitter for local mentions of various terms that mean "I'm getting sick" and plotting those to location.'

And finally HealthMap, the global disease alert map service, has added a Swine Flu outbreak map using Google Maps. Each map pin shows a reported outbreak and a link to an online report with more information.

If you want ideas for a Google Maps swine flu mashup, take a look at our Google Maps mashup listings for some inspiration.

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