Simplifies Denied Party Screening with the CSL API

The Consolidated Screening List (CSL) API has launched to streamline Denied Party Screening (DPS) searches. The CSL API consolidates data from nine different screening lists maintained by multiple U.S. Federal Government agencies (e.g. the State Department, the Commerce Department, the Treasury Department, etc.). The various lists maintained by these government agencies provide the names of companies and individuals for which U.S. companies cannot conduct business without certain approvals. The consolidation of the nine lists will greatly reduce the number of searches a company must conduct in order to adequately screen potential engagements or transactions.

The CSL API represents another forward step in President Obama's Export Control Reform (ECR) Initiative. The overall initiative was created and continues to promote a streamlined approach to enhance national security and simplify the exportation of goods through the use of technology. The parties included in these lists include those that present a concern to national security for reasons such as drug trafficking, terrorism, sanctions, etc. API access to the CSL will enable private and public sector developers to create innovative apps and tools that utilize the data in methods to promote national security across all sectors.

The API consolidates the nine lists into a single spreadsheet. Developers can search all nine lists through a single endpoint. Developers can all search a subset of the nine lists using source abbreviations (e.g. search the Denied Parties List with "DPL" as the source abbreviation). For more information, visit the API docs.

Two of the Commerce Department's offices (the Bureau of Industry and Security and the International Trade Administration) teamed up with the State Department and the Treasury Department to build the API. In addition to the API, developers can access the CSL at the ITA Developer Portal. DPS is a critical Function of modern business to ensure national security. The CSL API helps businesses ensure that DPS compliance functions keep up with the current pace of business.  

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