TradeKing Enhances Open API

TradeKing’s SVP of Product—Kevin Delo—recently commented: “TradeKing has always been about providing tools that help clients trade in the ways that best suit their personal style.” With a series of recent enhancements to TradeKing’s open API, TradeKing furthers its mission to enable clients.

The enhanced API adds financial data that was previously unavailable through the open API (i.e. option quote and option chain calls, top gainers/top losers/highest volume, streaming quotes, historical data). However, clients also have access to non-financial data (e.g. news displays based on keywords or symbol). Developers can now aggregate financial and non-financial data in an application from a single API. This simplifies the data gathering process for developers who wish to build a trading platform on multi-factor premises.

The TradeKing API utilizes a REST protocol and uses OAuth for Authentication. Recent enhancements include FIXML protocol which makes real time data available.

Traders employ endless combinations of factors in developing a trading strategy (financial and non-financial). With the increasing publications of open APIs across data sources (e.g. media, finance, government/politics, etc.), the ability to create trading platforms that focus on a given trader’s personal set of factors is unprecedented. TradeKing’s API grants access to many types of factors from a single interface.

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[...] May, TradeKing announced major enhancements to its open API. Now, TradeKing wants to see the API’s functionality shine [...]