TradeKing Invites Students to $100,000 API Campus Challenge

“Catch Them Young” is a time tested principle and the latest API contest to hit town, the TradeKing Campus Challenge wants undergraduate business and tech students to come together, use its TradeKing API in innovative ways and win prizes. TradeKing is an online stock and options broker, that provides an API to manage trading activity, access to market data and account management.

The TradeKing Campus Challenge is giving away $100,000 in cash prizes. The prizes are being awarded to winners in each of the participating schools, divisional winners and national winners. Cash prizes are also to be awarded to schools and faculty of the winning teams. The contest is sure to promote healthy competition across schools and give an opportunity to students to go through the entire cycle of software/product development lifecycle.

The Challenge begins on September 12 and runs for 3 months until December 12. The winners will be announced in the second week of 2012.

To participate in this challenge, you must be an undergrad business/finance or technology student. You could form teams with your school students or with other participating or non-participating colleges. But most important of all, you can get enrolled in the contest only via your school. So it is important that you ask your school to participate. So form your teams and ask your school to get enrolled in the contest by sending an email to

The official rules and guidelines document are available only to schools that are accepted into the challenge.

A contest of this nature is a very encouraging sign. It definitely helps students understand team dynamics, working to a deadline, learning new technologies and explaining the business proposition/value of your application.

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