Traffic, Bush, and Other Mashups

What do they have in common? Just a few random mashup links recently added to our listings. Here's a sampling of the 20+ examples from this past week:

  • Weather Bonk: Live weather, forecasts, webcams, and more on a Google Map.
  • Seattle Area Road Construction: Uses MSN Virtual Earth to map Washington State Department of Transportation construction project data.
  • Bush History Map: See George W's life history plotted on this Google Map.
  • Stadium Find: Find baseball, football and hockey stadiums and arenas in the US by this index of Google satellite Maps.
  • eBay + Virtual Earth: Puts eBay searches on a MSN Virtual Earth Map. It will try to locate your zip automatically. It works in the USA, UK, France and Germany.
  • ACME GeoRSS Map Viewer: This is a Google Maps app that displays Yahoo! Simple Maps files. It implements all of Yahoo!'s enhancements to GeoRSS, including address geocoding, plus a couple of things from basic RSS that Yahoo! missed. You can also use it with your own maps [via].

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